Holiday Cards Ranking System with a Bonus Side of Awkward

Remember back in the olden days before Facebook and economic downturns, you would to go to the mailbox during the holidays and be nearly toppled over by the cards flowing from the mailbox?  Holiday and Christmas cards have always been one of THE highlights of the season for me and I look forward every year to finding photos, letters, and cards from friends and family. Opening the mailbox to find Christmas cards is almost as great as Christmas morning!

It seems that every year, I’ve been getting fewer and fewer cards.  Last year, I can’t remember exactly how many cards I received, but it was a dismal number.  Pitiful, even!

This year, I’ve decided to take a drastic measure and pare down my own Christmas Card send-to list.  The criteria for removal from my list is this:  If you haven’t sent me a card in two years, then NO CARD FOR YOU.  But It’s not like I’m a heartless wench.  I’m really quite generous and will offer leniency when 1) you’re elderly, 2) you have had extenuating circumstances that could possibly have led you to not send out cards, 3) you’re my parents, or 4) I just want to be sure you see how cute my children are.

Despite the slicing and dicing of my list, I always keep a few spare cards just in case of stragglers. There’s always those few people who I had finally given up on and had taken them off my list when lo and behold I get a card from them in the mail.  It’s a delicate balance, figuring out when to send a card in return. If I send it right away, will it seem like I only sent it because they sent me one? To seem totally nonchalant, I usually wait a week before sending them one in return.

So yeah, maybe I over think holiday cards a bit too much.  It’s just that I LOVE THEM SO!

I will admit to secretly ranking the Christmas cards I receive. (Yes I realize that beggars can’t be choosers, but some are just better than others.) Awkward family photos anyone?

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  • Cards with merely a signature. 1 of 10
    Cards with merely a signature.
    I get it! You're super busy. But just a Ted and Linda or Margaret and Charlotte? That's it? Nothing else? Redemption is possible if the card is funny.
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  • Cards with a note. 2 of 10
    Cards with a note.
    "Loving life here in Omaha! We just recarpeted the whole house! Having colon surgery the first week of February! Heading to Jamaica for Christmas!" (Well, maybe I don't really want to know about your colon. Or your trip to Jamaica. Hmph.) I also love cards with Christmas letters, but those are so rare that they're almost too much to hope for.
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  • Photo of the kids or the pets, or even better? Photo of the kids AND the pets. 3 of 10
    Photo of the kids or the pets, or even better?  Photo of the kids AND the pets.
    I especially love when the photo of the little McKenzie or Barkley the dog doesn't include red eyes. I hate to be picky, but I find it frightening to receive cards proclaiming joy and merriment with accompanying devilish looking, red-eyed children or cats.
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  • Photo of the WHOLE family. 4 of 10
    Photo of the WHOLE family.
    I want to see how you are looking these days! (And possibly compare my butt size to yours.)
    Give this family so major bonus points for their carefully coordinated outfits!
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  • Here are a few more holiday cards that, seriously, if you sent this to me? I’d be eternally grateful for the hours of laughter you’d be providing. Happy Holidays indeed! 5 of 10
    Here are a few more holiday cards that, seriously, if you sent this to me?  I'd be eternally grateful for the hours of laughter you'd be providing.  Happy Holidays indeed!
    The ethereal look this photo has...ah! I just can't stop laughing, I mean looking.
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  • image-6 6 of 10
    They all just look so full of holiday cheer! What a wholesome bunch of teenagers!
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  • image-7 7 of 10
    So now what's going on with the framed photo in the back?
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  • image-8 8 of 10
    Wait? What? I'm scared.
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  • image-9 9 of 10
    You can never go wrong when adding cats to your Christmas card picture.
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  • image-10 10 of 10
    This is just fantastic. Truly fantastic! Hamish wins!
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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