Hospital Nurses Surprise Lung Transplant Recipient and His Fiancee With Wedding

A bride and groom holding hands at ceremonyI love when the internet graces us with a dose of the good stuff. There are so many stories about heartbreak and loss that it is uplifting when you read a story that is anything but. The story of a police officer and his bride was a touching reminder of how powerful love is when we allow it to do its thing. When we let go and listen to our hearts. When we put people above things and value life knowing how precious it really is. When we decide that statistics will not be our guide but rather our heart will.

As reported by ABC news, Doug Smith, a 42 year old, was engaged to be married. He and his wife had planned a small and quick wedding at church due to his health. You see, Doug, despite being “healthy” for 20 years, had “life-threatening pulmonary fibrosis.” The wedding was put on hold, as Doug had received a call that a donor lung had become available. It was just one week before his wedding. Days later Doug was preparing for surgery.

According to ABC news, one month after getting his new lung he and his wife were married. Only it wasn’t in the church as previously planned – it was on the rooftop of the hospital. The nurses of the hospital took it upon themselves to give Doug and Susan their heart’s desire. The two of them had been married before, but it seems this time it was right. What Susan refers to as emotional is a beautiful gesture and speaks to how impacted the hospital must have been by Doug and Susan and their story.

The bride carried a bouquet of daisies and food was donated by Starbucks and Au Bon Pain. There was even a cake, as there should be. And wanting it to be even more special, the nurses arranged for the ceremony to take place on the hospital’s rooftop.

And as sweet and heartwarming as that is, the best part is that Doug made it through the two months he spent at the hospital as part of the precautions to ensure that he did not reject his lung. All of this after what was descried by the Cleveland Clinic’s Lung Transplantation Program Director, Dr. Marie Budev, as a “tough transplant” due to some complications experienced.

As it would turn out, the wedding wasn’t only special for Doug and Susan. According to Budev, the wedding was special for the staff. It is beautiful to see stories like Doug and Susan’s story where the couple weathers the season that they are in no matter how difficult it is. Despite knowing the statistics, like a 53 percent survival rate, the couple still made plans to wed.

As Budev noted in her interview: “Despite the terrible things that happen, life goes on.” This story definitely speaks to the fact that love goes on too. For more on this story, visit ABC news.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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