How Do You Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary?

Okay, so I am getting ahead of myself and I know it, but next summer I will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary. It’s a big deal number, to me, and since it will have been 10 years since we’d gone on a vacation together, without kids, I want to see if we can make it special.

These days it seems many people are holding of the marriage for a little later in life so it’s weird for me to say I am approaching my 10th year of marriage. I will be 32 years old when we ring in the decade long marriage and at that time, we will have four kids and I know we’ll need the time away — just the two of us if we can.

According to Hallmark, the 10th wedding anniversary’s traditional gift would be tin or aluminum, but by modern standards the gift would be diamond jewelry. I am not much of a jewelry person, but what I would really love to do is go on a second honeymoon. Our first honeymoon was the first real vacation I had — a tropical destination with no responsibilities and lots to do. I would love to do something similar, not sure about the tropical destination, but I would love the alone time and the no responsibilities.

We will have a young babe with us though — our 4th child will be about 6 months when we are in the zone of celebrating our anniversary. Yes, I am nesting, hence the planning and thinking about this now — I am a big planner and have a feeling that if I want something big to happen for our big anniversary, I need to at least start thinking about it now.

Did you have a 10th anniversary celebration or will you be having one? What’s in your plans?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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