How NOT to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day is only 10 days away, which means single women everywhere are either scrolling through their contact lists to hook a date, or stabbing Cupid in their dreams. This year I am also single. I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Instead, I am celebrating my single status on Singles Awareness Day, also known as S.A.D.

But there’s nothing sad about my singlehood, or yours for that matter. S.A.D. is more of a humorous holiday, created to take the edge off of Valentine’s Day for single folks. It is in fact on February 14th, just like Cupid’s day.

So, let us celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Put on a smile and get happy! Feel grateful that you’re not with what’s-his-face anymore, or that you won’t be disappointed by another less-than-stellar online date on Valentine’s Day. And please, please, please don’t do the following to celebrate Singles Awareness Day.

  • Do Not Be S.A.D! 1 of 8
    Sad Love

    Don't be blue on February 14th! Just because you're single doesn't mean it's the end of the world. So, find the positive in your single status and watch out for this bad behavior! 


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  • Don’t Hook Up with a Random Guy 2 of 8
    In Bed

    Hooking up with a random guy may sound enticing. "I've done it plenty of times before," you say. Yes, you very well may have hooked up with plenty of cuties; I don't judge. But this is Valentine's Day! You don't want to wake up with a random man the morning after the day of love. 'Cause what happened isn't love, honey!


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  • Don’t Cry About Being Single 3 of 8

    Don't cry for me, Argentina! I mean, Cupid. I mean, world! Regardless of who you're singing this diddy to, you shouldn't spend Singles Awareness Day feeling sad. Being single isn't that bad. Imagine what it would be like to be in a loveless marriage. Or to be in an abusive relationship. Isn't it better to be single than to be unhappy with someone? Yes, it is. So wipe away those tears and get happy! 


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  • Don’t Wear Black 4 of 8
    Black Clothings

    Black may be slimming, but it's also a popular color for singles on February 14th. "It's the way we mourn, Sujeiry," certain singles have declared. And that's just a shame. You shouldn't mourn anything at all. You are alive, and I'm sure that you have love in your life. Whether it's the love of a sister, a friend or a parent, you are not alone. Put on a red dress, and shine! 


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  • Don’t Facebook Stalk Your Ex 5 of 8
    Snooping Computer Phone

    Some single women tend to reminisce on Valentine's Day, I mean, Singles Awareness Day. We reflect on the love that could have been. The man who got away and is now celebrating at a restaurant on Second Avenue in the East Village. Wait, how did you know that? 'Cause you've been Facebook stalking your ex. Step away from the computer! 


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  • Don’t Hiss at Couples 6 of 8
    Woman Sad

    What's worse than being single and unhappy? Being single and unhappy, and wishing misery on couples. When you see couples dining out on February 14th, smile at their love. When a coworker receives a bouquet of lilies at the office, congratulate her on the arrangement. Don't be a meanie! 


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  • Don’t Go on a Blind Date 7 of 8
    How NOT to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

    Blind dates are tough enough. Why would you put yourself in this situation on the day of love? You may get lucky and have a great time. But there's also a chance that he will be a bore, or that there is no romantic or physical chemistry. Do you really want to spend Singles Awareness Day staring at your iPhone, hoping an emergency comes to pass so you can get outta there? I don't think so. Leave the blind dates for February 15th and beyond. 


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  • Don’t Be Alone 8 of 8

    Find other single girlfriends, and spend Singles Awareness Day with them instead of  spending it home alone. There will be plenty of activities for singles in many major cities. If you'd rather stay in, invite your girls over for a February 14th bash. Your friends and family will always take the edge off. And you will feel oh so loved. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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