The Post-Breakup Blues: 7 Ways I Thought I'd Be Spending the Holidays

At this time last year, I imagined spending Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day this year with my then boyfriend.

Last year, I was in New York City with my family. We open presents at midnight on Christmas Day. It’s quite a spectacle. I always prank my brother. Last year, I created a scavenger hunt where he had to find clues that led to a video on my laptop. It was the only way my brother could get his gift. My then-boyfriend, though not by my side, was in on it from his hometown of Las Vegas. He gave me the idea for the video.

This year is different. I am in Los Angeles, only 265 miles away from my then-boyfriend, but I’ll be spending the holidays alone.

It’s quite a turn of events. After moving from NYC to Los Angeles for the great weather, my career, and my then-boyfriend, we broke up unexpectedly. I never imagined having to decorate my tree alone. Tonight, it’s just me, some Christmas decorations, and a bottle of wine. I didn’t think I’d ring in another new year with single girlfriends, seeking out a stranger’s lips to kiss at midnight. The pressure!

But that’s where I am. This single girl didn’t see this coming. I really thought it would be different. Here’s how I thought I’d spend my holidays this year.

  • Ho Ho Ho! Alone! 1 of 8
    How This Now Single Girl Thought She’d Spend Her Holidays

    Nobody knows the trouble I've seen! That may be the song I'll sing instead of a happy Christmas carol. That's because I didn't expect to be single this holiday season. Check out the slideshow (and bring a box of tissues for your tears). Here's what I thought the holidays would be like this year. 


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  • Spending Christmas in Vegas 2 of 8
    Las Vegas

    Since my then-boyfriend lives in Vegas, I imagined I'd fly out and spend the holidays with him and his family. I always spend the holidays with my family. That's mostly because I've always been single during the holiday season. So spending it with his family in Sin City would have been a great change. And a symbol of my relationship status.


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  • Receiving the Ultimate Gift 3 of 8
    Tiffany Box

    Last year, my then-boyfriend gave me the crappiest gift. How crappy? He gave me a long-sleeved shirt. That's not so bad, you say. Wait for it. It was a shirt from UNLV. Yup, he gave me a sports shirt from his favorite college basketball team, as if I were a fan, or his bro. I figured this year he'd make it up to me by giving me something sparkly. Diamonds, anyone? 


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  • Making a New Home 4 of 8

    If my then-boyfriend and I would've made it till this Christmas, we would've been together for almost two years. Two years is a long time for a long-distance relationship, which is why I thought he'd make the move to Los Angeles ('cause I wasn't moving to Vegas) in 2014. Turns out he's still living with his momma and I still live (think of Celine Dion for the full affect) ... all ... by ... myself! 


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  • Being with Him Under the Mistletoe 5 of 8

    My then-boyfriend wasn't very affectionate, but a girl can dream, can't she? Kissing under the mistletoe; it's what I hoped would have happened if we were still an item. I wonder if he's kissing someone else under the mistletoe. Nah. He's just too detached.


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  • Kissing at Midnight on New Year’s Eve 6 of 8
    Kiss Me

    Who doesn't want a kiss as the clock strikes midnight? It's the romance that Hollywood movies are made of. I know many couples who love this moment. Even if they wanted to kill each other earlier in the day, they let it go for that New Year's kiss. 


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  • Making New Traditions 7 of 8

    One of the beautiful aspects of a relationship is that a couple can set new traditions. That's a partnership, a family. I've always wanted that. And I wanted it with my then-boyfriend. I always imagined us celebrating Christmas with his family in Las Vegas, as I stated earlier, and then starting our own traditions for the days that followed. 


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  • Jet-setting to the Caribbean 8 of 8
    Beach in Hawaii

    I would've loved to spend New Year's Day on an island with my then-boyfriend. This would have become our tradition. I imagined being on the beach, side by side, holding hands, counting down till midnight and watching the celebratory fireworks. 2014 is here. Then a kiss. Alas, that's not going to happen. This holiday I am single. But I am happier. Thinking about what could have been is great, but I know my then-boyfriend would've never fulfilled my fantasies. 


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