5 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Man

Father’s Day has a lot in common with the borough of Staten Island. Both are minimized and sometimes even forgotten! I’ve even stated that NYC has four boroughs, not five. And for many years, I presented my dad a Father’s Day card only after he reminded me that it was indeed Father’s Day.

We can change this. As wives and girlfriends, we can surprise our men with great Father’s Day gifts and celebrations. Let’s move past the gift card and golf balls and gift them with something that is just as special as they are. Instead of getting your significant other another pin-striped tie, why don’t you give him time with just you?

Here are five fabulous ideas to celebrate Father’s Day as a couple.

  • A Massage in His Man Cave 1 of 5
    man cave

    Plop a table in the middle of his man cave and slather on the oil! Your man will be so pleased to get pleased by his woman, especially while surrounded by an 80-inch, high definition TV screen, an assortment of baseball caps, and a recliner. Turn on ESPN sports highlights and he'll be putty in your hands.

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  • Sipping on His Favorite Drink 2 of 5
    Beach bottle

    Maybe your hubby is a liquor connoisseur of sorts. Whether it's a wine or tequila tasting, there are plenty of events that can satisfy his taste buds and create a buzz. You can take him to a vineyard on Father's Day Sunday or plan a late night beach picnic. He can sip on his favorite whisky while the waves crash on beautiful sea rocks.

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  • His Favorite Sports Activity 3 of 5
    baseball field

    So you hate the Dodgers or any baseball team for that matter! How great of a surprise would it be to surprise your husband with box tickets and impress him with your baseball knowledge. Take him out to the ballgame and wow him with some stats. "Did you know that Alex Rodriguez won the 2009 Babe Ruth Award?," you say while chewing on popcorn. He'll fall in love with you all over again.

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  • A Sexy Dinner for Two 4 of 5
    How to Celebrate Father’s Day as a Couple

    They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not cook your man's favorite meal to celebrate fatherhood. A dinner for two is a simple way to woo him on Father's Day. If you want to make it extra sexy, put on your apron with nothing underneath. So, get in the kitchen, woman! And do so lovingly.

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  • A Short Trip 5 of 5
    marthas vineyard

    A weekend away from the hustle and bustle may be just what a father needs. Whether it be to Santa Barbara or Martha's Vineyard, the United States offers beautiful sites for short vacations. If you can't get away for a weekend, get away for a day. Wherever you go make sure your sights are all on him. 

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