10 Hilarious “Love Notes” — as Told Through Playmobil Toys

Biz Ellis and Stefan Lawrence are comedians, who both enjoyed lengthy runs with prominent New York sketch groups. They’re also a married couple with one child and another on the way who recently moved from New York to LA and then moved again after buying a house. As you might imagine, their lives are as stressful as that of any modern family, but the couple, known amongst friends for the “epic” way they approach life, faced a particularly rough patch last year. When times got tough for the couple, Lawrence, who is also a graphic designer, turned to the family’s toy collection to diffuse tension and make his wife laugh.

“Back in September of 2012, we were a few months into a cross country move, Stefan was pursuing a new career, I was ending a career and thinking about staying home with our daughter, our cat had died, we got a new one who had serious diarrhea problems, we had issues getting pregnant with a second child … your basic recipe for relationship stress,” Ellis told me about how her husband’s toy project began. “We had a ton of Playmobil figures laying around (because they rock), and Stefan decided to make up a little death scene for me because I love crime shows and detective/mystery books. I thought it was super romantic.”

Ellis posted a photo of that first tableau on Facebook, dubbing it a “Playmobil love note.” Their friends loved the idea, and as Lawrence left more of these darkly comic, stress-relieving scenes for his wife, Ellis began collecting photos of them on a Tumblr blog. Here are some of the hilarious and wonderful scenes Ellis has stumbled upon in various parts of their home, set up for her by her husband over the last year:

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Elizabeth Ellis is the co-host of the comedic parenting podcast One Bad Mother. She and her husband are expecting a second child in December. Follow her growing (Playmobil) family at Playmobil Love Notes From My Husband. Ellis told me her husband has a baby figure all ready to go.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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