7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner

So the past 24 hours of my life have been pretty darn romantic. 

Last night, after enjoying a rare movie night with my husband after tucking our three kids into bed (because it’s summer vacation and I don’t have to get up!), we tucked into our beds, blissfully dreaming of the first stress-free Monday morning in a long time.

Until we were awakened a whopping two hours later by one child puking. 

And then 15 minutes after cleaning that one up, the other child.

And then back to the original.

And then the other. 

We both got about two hours of sleep total and although I have the luxury of working from home while running 500 loads of pukey laundry, I couldn’t help but marvel at what an awesome team we make on the united parenting front. One of us holds the puking kid over the toilet, one of us tackles the mess. And while I realize that puking children in the middle of the night is not the most sentimental way to show how much I appreciate my husband and my parenting partner, at least I can choose from one of these Father’s Day gift ideas, right?

Image via j&j brusie photography
Image via j&j brusie photography

7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Partner

1. Apple TV

My husband loves watching TV, while I’m more of a snuggled-up-in-bed-with-a-book kind of girl. My extreme frugalness will not allow us to waste $30-$70 a month on cable, so I thought the Apple TV would be a great solution to help him stream some of the shows he loves. And bonus? It streams The Disney Channel for free — which is a gift itself for all those early Saturday mornings with the kids, right? (Apple.com, $99)

2. DIY Sharpie Mug

I’m in love with all of the adorable ideas for a DIY Sharpie mug for Father’s Day because: 1) It’s cheap, 2) My kids would really get into it, and 3) It’s easy. My favorite idea is to tape off the word “Dad” and then let the kids color around it, so you get a really cool design. Use oil-based Sharpies and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Search Pinterest for more ideas!

3. “Dad” Photo Collage

For an easy and creative project that incorporates your little ones, try a DIY dad photo collage. Basically, you pose your child with a wooden letter, take a picture, and spell out “Dad.” We did this a few years ago for my husband, and he loved it. Complete tutorial is over at Disney Baby here.

4. A Tent

So don’t spill the beans, but my husband is totally getting a tent for Father’s Day. I can’t tell if this is more a present for me or for him, as I imagine him taking the littles out for some backyard camping while I have the house to myself … ahhhhh. (I’m almost 8 months pregnant, OK, so cut me a little slack!)

5. Dad Questionnaire

If your child hasn’t done something similar at school or if you have little ones not in school at home, a fun, free, printable questionnaire like this one from 30 Days (with questions like, “Why Is Your Dad the Best?”) would be too cute.

6. The “I Make Adorable Babies” T-Shirt

I’ve been seeing this T-shirt pop up all over Facebook and it may be cheesy, but I kind of think it’s hilarious. And so true, right? (Etsy, with matching onesie, $35)

7. Give the Gift of Gaffigan

I totally ordered my husband the Dad Is Fat book by Jim Gaffigan, not because I think my husband is a fat dad, of course, but because Gaffigan’s comedic relating of what life with young children is like is spot-on and hilarious. (Amazon, $16)

What are you getting your partner for Father’s Day?  




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