“I’m So Married” Is the Newest Iggy Azalea Parody You Need to See

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If you have been hearing a lot about some new singer/rapper called Iggy Azalea, you’re not alone. Her single “Fancy” has been making the Internet rounds with a fair share of parodies and lip-dubs. The original song is the “realest” so there’s no question why it deserves to be honored in such a way.

First there was the father-daughter duo who gained popularity for their cute car dub; then we saw a pregnancy-inspired parody that kept all those “fun” pregnancy problems real.

Now there is a new parody that’s perfect for the married crowd.

“I’m So Married” is a fun parody that was posted yesterday to YouTube by user Rebecca Zamolo and includes such great lyrics as:

You’re too comfortable reading news on the toilet,

Together we budget, always pay those on time.

… and …

You cook dinner and I’ll clean it up.

The lyrics are not only funny, but they’re also the realest look at what the first year of marriage is like. Take a look here:

Do you think this parody is better than the others? Share in the comments!


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