Is it Corny To Celebrate The Anniversary of Your First Date?

anniversaryMy husband and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this summer. Weird to think it’s been that long, but even stranger when I think that 14 years ago, yesterday, we had our first date together.

I remember the date well because it was close to his birthday, and I was so nervous. I was only 17-years-old and still in high school and this guy was a year older and I had no idea what to expect.

We’ve been inseparable ever since — finishing high school, college, getting married, and having children together. When we were younger, the first date anniversary was marked with a mini-celebration. This was before we got married and would make a big deal each year we passed (we dated for five years before getting married) and treated it as an important anniversary to celebrate.

When we got married, we still acknowledged the first date anniversary as well as our wedding one, but now that it’s been so long, I wonder: is it just corny to keep celebrating? I am not much of a romantic — to be honest, I don’t really do much for our wedding anniversary, but for some reason this first date one really just feels a little to special to give up. It’s not too often you hear of high school sweethearts anymore and I am proud that we’ve developed, grown, and changed together and still love each other just as much as we did years, and years ago.

:: What do you think? Do you think it’s corny or cute to still celebrate your first date anniversary?  Is there such a thing as ‘too much celebrating’? (I think not!) ::

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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