Kiss The Cook

Master of his domain. I mean kitchen, master of his kitchen.

If pressed I would probably admit to you that Serge does the lion’s share of the cooking around our house. Which, well, he’s the lion so that would be appropriate, yes?

I, the lioness, don’t enjoy cooking quite as much. That’s not to say I hate it, I just don’t enjoy it as much as he does, particularly after having two children. No, I don’t mean my vagina is still tired and so I can’t cook (although it is exhausted!), I just mean that making dinner for both kids is my responsibility (Serge does breakfast) so by the time I’m done creating whatever little hopefully healthy dinner item for the two hooligans, I usually don’t feel like whipping up something that meets Serge’s generally high standards.

No frozen pizza for this guy. He likes fresh veggies chopped up into some kind of exotic stir fry, fish, pasta, and basically just anything that requires a little thought and skill. If he didn’t mind a Stouffer’s lasagna every now and again I’d probably “cook” more. But he doesn’t and so, to his credit, he cooks his exotic stir fries and pastas most nights and I eat them.

To be fair, he cooked more before we had kids too, though. I remember making some kind of Mormon casserole I grew up on and he just wasn’t into it, I could tell. He’s a bit of a foodie, I guess is what you’d call him. I don’t mind because it means I eat pretty well on the nights he cooks. I’m not downplaying my own skills within the kitchen, I’ve got a lot of tricks up my sleeve, it’s just that my joy in the kitchen ebbs and flows and Serge’s is pretty consistent.

Thanksgiving this year was no different. This was the first Thanksgiving of our married life that we spent totally and completely on our own. It was Serge’s very first time cooking a turkey and, I must say, he outdid himself. We agreed beforehand that he would do turkey and stuffing and I’d do all the rest of the fixins including mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, green beans and brussels sprouts. Oh yeah, and buy the pies. Serge may enjoy his kitchen time but ain’t nobody ’round these parts fixin’ to make any pies.

Serge was determined to make his own stuffing. If it were left up to me, I wouldn’t have hesitated to grab two or three boxes of Stove Top. I mean, come on, it’s Stove Top! Who doesn’t love Stove Top? But Serge was all about home-made dressing.

So it was a good day. Even though every single year, without fail, I am always slightly disappointed by how many hours of work goes into about ten minutes of enjoyment. I think the key to Thanksgiving is to focus on the preparation and cooking as the enjoyment just as much as you enjoy the actual meal, which is easy to do when you have a fella who takes on turkey and home-made dressing.

Here are a couple photos from our day. Henry and Violet were on placecard duty and I think they did a bang-up job.

  • Placecards 1 of 8
    This was kind of fun to do with the kids, although I wouldn't exactly recommend it to anyone.
  • Little Pilgrim 2 of 8
    Did you know it's super easy to make a pilgrim bonnet out of a piece of paper?
  • Stuffing The Bird 3 of 8
    Chef and Sous Chef
  • The Scene 4 of 8
    Almost time to eat.
  • Waiting 5 of 8
    Thankfully, they aren't old enough to know the old banging the silverware on the table trick.
  • Proud Of His Meat 6 of 8
    Master of his kitchen domain.
  • Eating 7 of 8
    Took all of ten minutes.
  • He Wins 8 of 8
    King of the castle.


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