Ladies: Want to Get Married? Get a (High Paying ) Job

Seeing women in high paying professional roles is nothing new. Decades ago you may not have found very many women in professional roles that rival those of men, but today is a different story.  But the impact that is having on marriages may not be what you expect.

Ladies, by you having a high paying job you may be increasing your chances of getting married.  This is what one study says men are looking for in a wife today. The study reveals what you may need if you want to get married.

Business Woman 3

What he really wants

According to this article on the Huffington Post, a German study that surveyed 2,000 men over three years revealed that 76 percent of men in the study would not accept a relationship in which their spouse didn’t have a job.  In addition 45 percent said they want a woman who earned a lot of money herself.

Wow! So the game has changed somewhat. The “trophy wife” is no longer such a big deal to men.

In the article there is also a video discussion which reveals men are looking to be more of a team with their spouse. As I look at my marriage, and the way I would like us to function, I would say I feel the same. Not in the sense of desiring my spouse to have a high paying job, but in being a team. Or the word I like to use, being family centered.

A team or family-centered approach

Both my wife and I run small businesses from home. We homeschool our kids, and live a lifestyle different than the average family. The team, or family-centered lifestyle, is at our core. I’m sure that 12 years ago when we got married that this lifestyle would not have appealed to either of us. Or if we would have thought it was even possible.

The focus has always been very family-centered, but the way we achieve it now looks much different than the way we went about it several years ago.

Nonetheless the study presents some interesting dynamics and changes in the desires of relationships today.  What are your thoughts on this study?

What do you think has caused the shift in mindset when it comes to needs from a spouse?

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