Love and Re-Marriage: Why Do Divorced Men Want to Remarry and Divorced Women Don’t?

A recent survey of divorced men and women uncovered something surprising: that divorced men are more than twice as likely to want to remarry as divorced women. I’m not entirely sure why this is so surprising, but I for one would’ve guessed that those roles would be reversed in this instance. Not so, apparently:

Divorced men are much keener to re-marry than their former wives, researchers found, with 47 per cent of men who had been through a divorce eager to wed again.

That’s more than twice as many as women, who seem to fall into the ‘once bitten, twice shy’ category.

Just 20 per cent of female divorcees say they want to tie the knot a second time.

So twenty percent verses FORTY SEVEN PERCENT. Uhh, WOW.

This finding is particularly interesting in light of the reality that married mothers are much more likely than married fathers to forego or pause their careers and become financially dependent on their spouses during their childrens’ early years, putting them at a distinct disadvantage if the marriage fails and they find themselves suddenly having to reenter the workforce. And yet, despite this fact, it seems most women aren’t at all eager to get married again – even if doing so would mean returning to a more comfortable and secure two-income lifestyle.

Somehow, I find this fact incredibly heartening. Sisters, it seems, are in fact doin’ it for themselves.

But I can’t help but wonder: what it is about having a marriage end that clearly effects women so much more profoundly and lastingly than men – to the extent that it effectively puts many women off marriage (as it were) for the rest of their lives?

Do you see these gender-specific attitudes regarding remarriage playing out anywhere in your own life, or with friends or relatives? How do you separated and divorced folk – men and women alike – feel about the idea of remarriage?  Why do you suppose men are so much more eager to tie the knot again and women so much more reluctant to?

Theories? Anyone? Bueller?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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