Love at First Sight? 8 Women Share First Impressions of Their Loves

When we meet the man of our dreams, we usually know that he is “the one.” That’s what friends tell me anyway. That they see the beauty and feel the connection that one can only feel with their future husband. And the husband, he knows this woman is it. A husband loves with gusto and protects his wife. A husband thinks his woman is beautiful just as she is.

But what happens if tragedy strikes and you have no recollection of your partner? Or, if you’re Jason Mortensen, you have no memory of being married. How do you know he is “the one” and fall in love again?

You go with your first impression and gut instinct, just like when you first met.

Jason woke up from surgery and didn’t recognize his wife, Candace. He said, “Did the doctor send you? Man, you are eye candy.” He continued on, asking,”You’re my wife? Dang!” He also said, “”Your teeth are perfect.” But my favorite line is, “Oh my God! I hit the jackpot!”

I’m sure that’s the first thing he thought when they first met.

What was your first impression of your man and/or now husband? Here is a round up of what women first thought of their loves.

  • First Impression of My Man 1 of 9
    8 Women Share First Impressions of Their Loves

    What did you think of your man when you first met? Here is a slideshow of first impressions. 

  • All Those Dimples 2 of 9

    Just like AC Slater wooed me on Saved by the Bell, Grace Bustos fiance caught her eye with a smile. The couple met online and, when finally meeting in person, she loved his dimples. Then she realized he was also protective, and she liked it. Photo Credit: Flickr/bhermans.

  • Footwear 3 of 9

    Apparently some women pay attention to a man's footwear as much as they do to heels and sling backs. This foodie spotted her man feet first. "He had nice brown Clarks," she gushed. Since then, he's put his best foot forward. Photo Credit:

  • How He Looked at Me 4 of 9
    Sexy Eyes

    Glady's Diaz has been married for 13 years to the love of her life. How did they meet? At a club. "He was standing by the DJ booth, holding a Corona and bopping his head to the music," she remembers. "When he finally came up to me, the first thing I noticed were his eyes and how they looked at me." It's safe to say his eyes were only on her. Photo Credit: Flickr/nairoozdotcom.

  • His Luscious Lips 5 of 9
    Juicy Lips

    The juicier the lips the better they kiss? That's what Jessica Duran believes anyway. She fell for her husband on camera. She was an audience member for 106 and Park and watched as he licked his lips on stage during a Nelly look alike content. He won the award and her heart. Photo Credit: Flickr/Coblat.

  • Confident Walk 6 of 9

    Maria Nieto met her husband at work and fell for him instantly. What made her swoon? "The confident way he walked," she said. "He walked like a man on a mission."  And they've been married for nine years. Mission accomplished. Photo Credit: Flickr/HenryBloomfield. 

  • His Humility 7 of 9

    First impressions don't have to be about looks. Case in point, Jenny from Boston, who is dating a man who she fell for due to his humility. A humble heart is a great heart. I can see why she is smitten. Photo Credit: Flickr/davidwilsonclarke.

  • A Great Smile 8 of 9
    Great Smile

    A few women said that their men had a great smile. One stated her boyfriend's smile was "gracious," while another simply loved her now husbands teeth. Michelle from Michigan loved her now boyfriend's smirk. It seems you can't go wrong with pearly whites. Photo Credit: Flickr/steverhode.

  • That Rebellious Scar 9 of 9

    I am single, but recently a man wowed me. What did I first notice? The scar underneath his left eye, slightly to the left. It's odd but I found it incredibly attractive. It made him flawed, human. The writer in me wanted to know the story behind the scar.  We are no longer dating but I did get the story. And I won't forget it or him. Photo Credit: Flickr/malloreigh.


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