Love You Forever: 10 Awesome Couple Tattoos

10 Awesome Couple Tattoos
We first showed you Love You Forever: 10 Tattoos that Take it too Far. This was proof that love can make you do some pretty crazy things, like tattoo your face. Now, let’s move to the brighter side of things with these romantic and sweet couple tattoos that say, I love you, in the most creative ways. Who knows, you may just want to run out and get one with your sweetheart after this…

  • A Photographer After My Own Heart 1 of 10
    A Photographer After My Own Heart
    Here's a very sweet tattoo for two photographers in love.
    Spotted at Tattoos Time.
  • The Lighthouse 2 of 10
    The Lighthouse
    These pretty tattoos work adorably together, but can also stand alone.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Love Notes 3 of 10
    Love Notes
    Simple tattoos, such as these, can still say a lot.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Young Love 4 of 10
    Young Love
    There is something so sweet and innocent about this tattoo.
    Check it out at Just for Jack.
  • Color Wheel 5 of 10
    Color Wheel
    Together we make up all the colors of the rainbow.
    Spotted at Chris Glass.
  • Origami Swans 6 of 10
    Origami Swans
    This is such a romantic tattoo since the origami swam is a symbol for eternal love and happiness.
    Spotted at Imgur.
  • Across the World to Find You 7 of 10
    Across the World to Find You
    A subtle way to show your love - through a tattoo showing where your sweetheart is from.
    Spotted at Lovelyish.
  • Sugar Skulls and Finger Tattoos 8 of 10
    Sugar Skulls and Finger Tattoos
    Finger tattoos have become a pretty popular trend these days. These Day of the Dead skulls make a cute and edgier way to represent your love.
    Spotted at Rattatatoo.
  • You’re a Hoot 9 of 10
    You're a Hoot
    Here's another example of a subtle love tattoo that can stand alone as well.
    Spotted at Best Soy Latte.
  • To the Point 10 of 10
    To the Point
    Maybe something simple and to the point is more your style?
    Find out more at Tumblr.

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