Man in Austin Pays Up If You Find Him a Skinny White Girl

AustinOver the years I have become less picky in relationships. I once only dated Latinos, and not just any at that. No! They had to have facial hair and a head full of hair and the list went on and on. Now at 35 I realize how ridiculous I was. The head on a man’s head does not make a good relationship or a good partner. Neither does his ethnic background.

I was obviously trippin’ all through my twenties.

Bottom line, physical appearance and tedious deal breakers do not create successful partnerships. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. Some folks are stuck like I was at 22. But one man is way worse than I ever was, or anyone else for that matter.

I’m talking about ‘Sleepless in Austin.’ A Texan man who is so specific about the qualities he seeks in a girlfriend, he’ll pay $1500 if you help him find the skinny girl of his dreams.

His name is Larry Busby and he is a wedding photographer who wants a “woman of quality.” To 39-year-old Larry (also knows as Romeo Rose), quality means a woman who is either white, of European descent or Hispanic. She must be thin and be sexually pure. That means a woman who has never had threesomes or slept with a black man.


But he isn’t racist, no! ‘Sleepless in Austin’ claims, “I tend to get along much better with Black guys than I do White guys.” Yet he says the following:

Sleepless in Austin

His other requirements include a woman without children (if you want kids he doesn’t want you either). No gold diggers, gamblers, strippers, sarcasm, breast implants, or women who dress in anything but mini skirts, t-shirts and jeans. If you wear cowboy boots you’re out of luck!

So, women everywhere, let’s make sure we only speak sarcastically and wear cowboy boots. That way Larry can learn his lesson. Or maybe he’ll create another website and blame womenkind for not being awesome enough for Romeo.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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