Marriage IS Hard Work…So What!

This past weekend we were at my teen daughter’s basketball awards banquet. She’s homeschooled and all the girls on her team are homeschooled. Because it’s a homeschool team they have no home gymnasium, no home court to play their games, and the girls come from all over the place to be part of this team.

Hard work is rewarding work

The team is really good and they made it to nationals and placed 6th in the nation for homeschool girl’s basketball teams. As the coach spoke about the girls and some of the girls spoke about their experience playing a common theme arose for me. Hard work. The coach mentioned how hard the girl’s worked. The girls mentioned how rewarding that hard work was.

photo credit: vonderauvisuals via photopin
photo credit: vonderauvisuals via photopin

I didn’t notice one girl say they wish it wasn’t hard, nor did I hear them complain about it. These teenage girls all embraced the hard work that it took to be successful on their team. One girl not only worked hard on the court, but drove over an hour for each practice and worked two jobs so she could afford the travel and cost associated with it.

If these teenage girls understand that it requires hard work to become successful, and to experience the great things they experienced, then why do grown folks complain and let it deter them when they hear marriage is hard work? That is something that amazes me. It is widely accepted and expected that hard word is required to achieve good things in life, except when it comes to marriage.

Marriage is hard work, and that’s a good thing

When it comes to marriage there is a problem with the words “hard work” being included in the same sentence. I’m thankful marriage is hard work. I’m thankful marriage is hard. From a man’s perspective when a woman is “easy” we don’t want to marry her.

So, I want to encourage you to not let the phrase “marriage is hard work” scare you. Appreciate the work you put in to make your marriage great realizing that nothing good in life comes without some type of work. This includes marriage.

Why do you think mentioning “hard work” with marriage is viewed as a negative thing to many people?

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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