This Trader Joe’s Wedding Proposal Is Like a Dream We Didn’t Even Know We Had

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While some couples get engaged in elaborate ways, others might just go ring shopping together before hopping over to the courthouse to seal the deal. Then, there are the ones who think completely “outside the box.” For example, one bride-to-be had her dream come true when her fiancé popped the question at one of her all-time favorite places — Trader Joe’s.

Whether it’s for their affordable prices, unique finds like pickle chips or bacon jam, or clever handmade chalk signage, there’s no shortage of love for this grocery store chain (one that’s actually unlike any other grocery store out there). New Jersey native Melanie Diaz is one such loyal customer, who tells Babble that she loves the “friendliness, affordability, creativity with products, and how they source their products” at Trader Joe’s. And now, she can add “where I got engaged” to that list!

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First of all, Melanie’s fiancé Sidd is no stranger to romance. She tells Babble that he had already planned various romantic dates and trips for the two of them throughout the summer. But the day of the proposal was extra-special.

“He took me to the botanical gardens in the Bronx, then we had lunch at Cafe Boulud, took a gondola ride in Central Park, got our caricatures done, and then got drinks at the Boathouse,” Melanie shares with Babble.

Whoa, Sidd. Way to set the bar high!

“The only thing left was dinner,” Melanie continues. “He took us to Joanne’s, which is the restaurant Lady Gaga’s family owns. Then he wanted to watch game six of the NBA playoffs — the Rockets playing the Warriors — since the Rockets are his favorite team.”

But on their way to the bar where they were scheduled to watch the game, guess what store they happened to pass? That’s right! Good ol’ Trader Joe’s.

Melanie says she initially resisted going in, saying she’d grocery shop tomorrow, but with a bit of prompting, they went inside — and she’s probably glad she did. 

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Almost immediately, Melanie started noticing things. Signs like “When Coffee Meets Bagel: A Perfect Combination for Any Great Start” grabbed her attention, since the pair met via the dating app, When Coffee Meets Bagel. Other signs included sayings like “Barley getting started” and “A little something sweet for being special.” To add to the ambiance, Melanie’s favorite song “Lady Marmalade” was playing, a photographer was snapping pics, and of course, an employee handed out flowers.

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By the end of their walk through the store, Sidd was down on one knee. The final sign read, “Melanie, will you marry me?”

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She said yes.

Being the romantic that he is, Sidd looped in Melanie’s family and friends, so they were there at the nearby bar to help celebrate. In fact, Melanie says that was one of her favorite parts, because that way she had to make fewer phone calls! 

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Sidd tells Babble that everything went according to plan (except the Rockets losing in the playoffs) and that Trader Joe’s was a huge help in pulling it off. The couple also tells Babble that they are, of course, considering incorporating the franchise into their wedding ceremony, but they aren’t sure how yet. Perhaps their guests will enjoy some of TJ’s famous spiced cider or frosted sugar cookies after the two say their vows? Who knows?!

Congrats to Sidd and Melanie. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness … and pickle chips, of course.

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