7 Reasons Men Like (But Don’t Love) to Cuddle

The assumption is men do not like to cuddle.  There is nothing further from the truth.  Men like to cuddle, they just aren’t crazy about it.

While writing this article I came across some studies proving men value cuddling more than women.  As a married man, I have no issues with cuddling.  I really do like to cuddle, but I’m just not crazy about it.

Sometimes I want to be all snug with my wife.  Sometimes I need a little bit of breathing room.  Honestly, sometimes she wants to cuddle, and sometimes she doesn’t.

Cuddling can be good, but it can also be uncomfortable.  It will also trigger certain thoughts and feelings in a man.  The important thing to remember is men like to cuddle, so it doesn’t always mean they want something.  And it definitely doesn’t mean they are less of a man.

Check out the following pics and learn why men like to cuddle, but they just aren’t that crazy about it.

  • Men Like to Cuddle, They Just Aren’t Crazy About it 1 of 8
    Men cuddle

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  • Being the rock to lay on makes a man feel like a champ 2 of 8

    A man wants to be that shoulder to lean on.  He wants a woman that will depend upon him, and he can be there for her.  When he gets that, he feels like a champ.

    photo credit: PhotoCo. via photopin cc

  • Being close…with no clothes? No complaints here! 3 of 8

    Body to body...naked.  That doesn't sound too bad to me.  Throw in a comfortable bed and warm blankets.  I am good!  The game is on...what game???  Plus later on, when you both wake up...you are already in the nude!

    photo credit: bettie-rage via photopin cc

  • It just makes a man feel and look so…happy. 4 of 8

    Doesn't this guy just look so....happy?  I could say a lot more about the wonderful look he has on his face, but that's all I'm going to say.

    photo credit: CarbonNYC via photopin cc

  • Men like for their lady to be comfortable 5 of 8

    Long day at work, or home?  Yes, put your feet up and relax (put your guard down).  Your man loves that!  Seriously, your man does want you to relax, and he loves the fact you are able to do so with him.

    photo credit: Jenn Durfey via photopin cc

  • Cuddling leads men to think two things… 6 of 8

    Cuddling before...means sex is coming soon.  Cuddling after...means sleep is coming soon.  Two things men love!

    photo credit: Matt Romack Photography via photopin cc

  • Men don’t like having feeling in their fingers 7 of 8

    Why wouldn't any man like that numb feeling in your hand when the sleep weight of another person is laying on it for a while?  This definitely falls under the "men aren't crazy about it" category.  

    photo credit: elvissa via photopin cc

  • A happy wife means a happy life 8 of 8

    When the wife is happy, life is usually happy.  Knowing women enjoy cuddling and it pleases them means cuddling, even though men aren't crazy about it, is worth it!

    photo credit: LyndaSanchez via photopin cc

Are you that into cuddling?

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