Mom Lists All the Reasons Why She’s Not Having Sex on a School Night in Hilarious Video

There are a few universal truths that become apparent immediately after having children: you’re not going to sleep for about a decade, you’ll develop a newfound appreciation for stretchy pants, and your sex life? Well, that’s gonna be a little … different, let’s say. If not totally nonexistent. (Please see: lack of sleep and appreciation for stretchy pants.)

But even if we’re not getting much action, at least we can find a way to laugh about it, right? Which is why we are loving this new video by Meredith Masony of the blog That’s Inappropriate called “Are You Serious: It’s a School Night.” In it, she pokes fun at all the reasons why she (and pretty much every mom ever) is so not up for some action mid-week.

Some of our favorite excuses (that we may or may not have used ourselves at one point or another):

Are you serious? I had a chili dog for lunch, OK?

I haven’t showered in three days and I smell like a bag of onions. 

I don’t want to cuddle. I know what cuddling means. Cuddling means that at some point your pants come off and I have to do things.

Are you serious? It’s a school night. 

The video currently has 526k views on Facebook since it was posted on September 15.

And if you loved this video, be sure to check out What Moms Really Want on Mother’s Day or her recent viral sensation: The Man Cold vs. The Mom Cold — both guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry.

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