More Married Couples Are Saying Yes to Postnups

postnuptial agreementsNot long after I wrote about whether or not a request for a prenuptial agreement was a reason to think twice I engaged in several conversations with friends who were proponents of such. Between that and comments from readers I walked away feeling like more people were electing to have them than not. For many it came down to feeling they should make an effort to protect the assets that they acquired before marriage.

I’m not wealthy from a materialistic standpoint but I am more rich than I’ve ever been. I’ve said that before and I still stand by it. And despite having accomplished some great things before I got married I also accomplished a lot after. It wasn’t until around the time of my engagement (shortly before) that I experienced some degree of “financial success.” I had graduated with my master’s and began the academy (training) process for a full time job. I was bringing home more money than I had ever experienced. During that time, a family member suggested I give thought to a prenuptial agreement. What if we didn’t make it? I had been married before but having no assets made things easier. Now I did. I had a career and worked hard to get to where I was. But it was a conversation we didn’t have. Not before we got married and certainly not after.

Nowadays people aren’t just having prenuptial agreements, they are having postnuptial agreements too. According to a CNBC article these post marriage ceremony agreements are “on the rise” and allowed in “nearly all 50 states.” The article goes on to say that these agreements can cover everything from the division of financial assets in the event of divorce to weight gain. And here I am again asking if a request for one of these is a reason to think twice? Or perhaps it’s too late given you already said I do.

Although the division of finances is one thing so is a promise made by many couples to the tune of “for better or for worse.” It’s no secret I’m married with a muffin top and I can only imagine how I’d feel if my husband prompted me to refer to an agreement we made with regards to my weight.

That aside, while a prenup is a topic all its own, what is to be said about a postnup and the request to put it in writing after you’ve already said I do? While some couples may be in agreement with this others might be at odds. What happens to your relationship when your new spouse isn’t keen to the idea and you are? For more on the increase in postnuptial agreements visit CNBC. What are your thoughts on postnups? Would you be offended if you were asked to sign some sort of agreement post marriage?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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