My Husband Is Not a Hero For Taking Care of Our Kids

Last week, I had to make a major decision about a new work opportunity. I was offered a job as the editor for a parenting magazine. It’s a dream job for me, a lifelong bookworm, closet writer, and new author, so I was incredibly honored to have the job offer extended to me.

However, as with many good things in life, there was a catch with the job. A big catch.

A catch the involves a six-hour commute. Out of state. Two days a week.


In the end, I decided to accept the position, but not before weighing the decision very, very heavily. It’s a lot to ask of my husband, to wrangle the kids—we have three of them, a 5-year-old just starting kindergarten in the fall, a 3-year-old, and a 1-year old—two days a week completely alone.

It’s not a decision that I took lightly, but the thing is, I have 100% faith in my husband’s ability to care for our kids solo, for 1½ days.

When discussing the decision on my blog and Facebook page, I got a lot of comments about how great it was that I had a husband who would even “consider” such an arrangement.

My husband is a great dad, a supportive partner, and a wonderful husband. He will take all 3 kids to the grocery store without a blink of an eye. He changes diapers and gets up in the middle of the night with the kids. He’s strapped our baby into a carrier to his chest and gone putt-putt golfing.  In short, he’s as hands-on of a dad as they come. So I’m pretty used to hearing comments along the “your husband is a hero” vein.


And although I tease him about it, because he never fails to get attention from little old ladies when we’re out and about with the kids, I have to admit that sometimes, the comments do rub me the wrong way.

Because, really? Do we have to make husbands out to be heroes for being active participants in their own children’s lives?

Yes, my husband is a great father and an awesome husband who supports me fully, whether that means the times I have stayed home with our children, or now, when I will work outside of the home a few days a week. Yes, he can console a crying child and cook dinner and heck, even attempt to put our daughters’ hair into ponytails.

But that doesn’t make him a hero in the world of fathers and husbands.

Jake edited16

It makes him, quite frankly, a steadfast partner in life, the father I always dreamed my children would have, and pretty downright sexy.

So is my husband a hero for being able to take care of our kids and provide for his family and be an amazing partner in this crazy thing called life?

To others, including those little old ladies in the store?


But to me, he’s just my husband. The man who has always been a hero to me.

I am grateful, incredibly grateful, for everything that he does. And I’m pretty sure he knows that. But just like I know my husband has complete confidence in my ability to work, care for our children, and be a loving wife, I can pay him the same respect without falling on my face in adoration for him.

Because let’s be honest–

Nothing about my husband’s super abilities as a father came as a surprise to me. I knew he would be the man of my dreams. 

And that’s exactly why I married him.

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