New Survey Finds Cheaters Don’t “Trade Up” When Finding a Secret Partner

We see the stereotypes all over movies and TV story lines. An older man is caught cheating with a woman much younger, more fit, and prettier than his wife. We see women cheating on their overweight, boring husbands with young, attractive, spontaneous men and we see this so often in Hollywood that it’s become the “popular belief” when it comes to cheating. We hear the term “trading up” and it’s not uncommon to blame the cheated with letting their appearance slide and it’s cited as a reason their partner went looking elsewhere.

A new survey of 4,538 members of the infidelity site Victoria Milan show that these Hollywood stereotypes are not actually what’s going on in the majority of real-life infidelity cases.

Take a look at some of the surprising results of the survey when members were asked about their spouse and their mistress/lovers and why they looked outside the relationship in the first place.

  • Survey Shares Surprising Reasons People Cheat 1 of 10

    These results are contrary to popular belief and may surprise you. 

  • Men: Younger or Older? 2 of 10

    The survey showed, "30% of cheating men surveyed chose mistresses who are younger than their wives."

  • Men: Bored? 3 of 10

    Men surveyed didn't find their wives boring, the survey said, "74% report that their partner is more interesting to them than their mistress."

  • Men: Prettier Mistress? 4 of 10

    One of the popular beliefs is that men choose women who are prettier than their wives, but the survey shows, "42.8% think their mistress is prettier than their partner" - just under half.

  • Men: Letting Self Go? 5 of 10

    One worry women have is if they don't work on their fitness as much, then their partner will find someone else. When it comes to those who answered the survey, only 25% reported their mistress was more fit than their wife.

  • Women: Trading for Younger? 6 of 10

    Contrary to what Hollywood will have us believe, women don't always go for someone younger. The survey showed, "25.8% of the women stated that their lover is younger than their partner."

  • Women: Trading for Hotter? 7 of 10

    Well, Hollywood doesn't get this one right either -- the survey showed, "65.7% stated that their husband or partner is actually more attractive than their lover."

  • Women: Trading for Fitter? 8 of 10

    This one is right down the center with 50% of women in the survey saying that their partner was more fit than their lover.

  • So, Why Do Women Cheat? 9 of 10

    According to the survey, "89.6% of women have chosen a lover who they feel appreciates them more than their partner."

  • Why Do Men Cheat? 10 of 10

    For the same reason as women, according to this survey. The majority of men who answered this question stated, "secret lovers are more caring, better listeners, and more passionate."

::Do any of these reasons surprise you? Why? Share in the comments! ::

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Source: PR Department, Victoria Milan, Email Press Release


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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