Nothing Says Love Like Pizza

Image source: thinkstock
Image source: thinkstock

I love pizza. 

Honestly, if I could only have one food for the rest of my life, it just might be pizza. Blessed as I am to have the husband that I do, I have to confess that he spoils us all constantly by making homemade pizza from scratch, complete with garden-fresh tomatoes, a hand-tossed crust, and my personal favorite, loads of feta cheese.

Oh my gosh, I’m so hungry now. (This was probably a bad idea to write about, considering I’m pregnant and always hungry…)

So as a constantly hungry, usually pregnant, lover of pizza, I can definitely appreciate the recent trend at weddings to surprise guests at the end of a reception with a big ol’ delivery of fresh, piping hot, steaming and cheesy boxes of pizza. The tradition, of course, caters to those more well, shall we say, thirsty guests who may or may not have spent copious amounts of time during the evening hitting up the free bar. With the party raging on until the wee hours of the morning, many guests are very appreciate of a few hot slices of pizza before hitting the road home to crash.

Plus, as we all know, pizza makes a party fun. 

But one couple took the tradition of the wedding pizza just a little too far when they decided to marry their love of pizza with their love for each other in a completely unique way.

Time reported that newlyweds Kieran and Natasha Morri knew that pizza would be the perfect expression of their love and reached out to the pizza chain Dominos to commission a special wedding pie that they would never forget.

With an impressive array of strategically-placed pepperonis, peppers, cheese, and tomato sauce, Dominos hand-crafted pizzas that doubled as self-portraits of the happy couple to serve at their reception.

The mag revealed the pizza artist as none other than Nathan Wyburn, a Welsh artist who reportedly become infamous of crafting an image of Simon Cowell out of Marmite and toast. (Um, ew?) Wyburn spent three hours creating the pizza selfie masterpieces before having the pies delivered to the happy couple at their reception, where, reportedly, it was consumed by the guests without any reservations.

In this month of love, I just can’t think of anything more romantic than having my new husband’s face on a pizza…to be eaten by guests who probably spelled our names wrong on the wedding card…

But hey, nothing says love like a fresh pizza, right?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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