Now You Can Use Your Resume to Find Love

ID-10053833Social media is such a large part of our life, and it’s pretty clear it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve got social media platforms that can be used for everything from staying in contact with old friends to finding amazing business opportunities. Don’t forget, social media has also brought an amazing force to the love and dating scene, too. We have social media spaces for people looking to hook up, looking for specific income in a date, and everything in between.

The problem with all of these social media options is sometimes the lines get crossed for what each network is to be used for — and that could really annoy others. Example: Every week I log onto Facebook and find a few messages lost in my other folder in the inbox and they’re always of random men looking to start a conversation. For me, Facebook is to be used to connect with people you know, yet the idea of finding love — or something a little less romantic — is what some Facebook users have in mind.

The same thing happens on another social media space: LinkedIn, which is a professional network, similar to an online resume. You’ve got a professional-looking avatar, a resume, and recommendations from people you’ve worked with. Yet,the same thing that happens on Facebook happens here: Women and men receive random messages and requests to connect for less professional and more romantic reasons. This kind of defeats the whole purpose of the site, and frankly it’s annoying for users who are accessing the network for the intended reasons.

That’s where this new app comes in. Meet LinkedUp!

According to president and CEO of the company, LinkedUp! is not affiliated with the professional network site LinkedIn, but does work in a similar way. The idea spawned from users realizing that they can use LinkedIn message systems to inquire about dates, and wanted to be able to find a professional who wasn’t going to be annoyed by random love interests as well.

Screenshots from iTunes App Store of LinkedUp!
Screenshots from iTunes App Store of LinkedUp!

Using LinkedIn’s API code, LinkedUp! users can mix business and pleasure by using their service to find the love they’ve always wanted. You’re able to select what you’re looking for from age, gender, and preferred professional industries. You’re then presented with a list of potential suitors to select from and see where the love goes from there.

So, ladies and gents — time to update your resume and get the app on iTunes. You never know: You may just find a job and a date!

Do you think this new dating app will be a hit?

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