One-Der Woman: Will You Cut Down Your Friend List This Year?

It’s OK if you’re dragging your ass on putting away the holiday decorations. I’m not here to judge. Although the Christmas tree has been recycled for a week and the stockings long tucked away (still no tsk-tsking, I swear), the holiday cards I received sit in a stack beside a lukewarm mug of coffee on my desk. They could very well be there another month. One or two of them may outlast the persistant pine needles that keep coming out of hiding from under my couch.

There’s a reason I am letting them clutter up my workspace (I mean, aside from laziness). The holiday cards that are there in that pile, and the ones that are missing, say a lot about where I am in my life right now — and who I want there with me.

Holiday cards are not the definitive friend tabulator for me. But who I’ve decided for me well-being (and my budget) that my choice to send one to a certain address will be more thoughtful from here on out. I’ve noticed that other people made that same choice and cut me from their list this year, too.

I’m choosing to not only let that edited friend list be OK, but to be a sign of prosperity for the year ahead.

I explain how in this episode of One-Der Woman (after the jump). And I’d love to hear from you, too. Are you cutting your friend list this year? Why?

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