“Our Day” without the kids

My husband and I are fortunate to be able to work and travel together. More importantly, we made a conscious choice at this point of our children’s lives to have them travel with us wherever we go. However, every once in a GREAT while, I am forced to leave them at home with their Nanny and my family.

Leaving them is not something I like to do. I miss them like crazy every minute I’m away. This past week I had no choice but to leave them. We had two shows in Alaska with a day off. The travel was really hard. Three flights each way with a total travel time of 12 to 14 hours. Brutal. Alaska is a three-hour time difference from here. I thought it best to leave them at home with my mother and their nanny so they would keep in the same routine and keep their bodies on the same time clock. Getting your body on that timezone and then back on this one is rough. I didn’t want to mess with that, especially since my 3-year-old has school to contend with.

It’s rare that we are away from the kids. I can’t remember a day that hasn’t involved Dora, The Wiggles, Sprout or NickJr. My husband and I agreed the day off in Alaska would be “Our Day.” We planned to do things that we love, like fly fishing. We love nature, and we both have dreamed all of our lives about going to Alaska. Getting to Alaska was making it to my 50th state. I have now been to every state in this beautiful country.

For “Our Day,” we started at 6:45 a.m. when we were picked up by a van and brought to a small airport. We got on a sea plane that sat five of us and flew for 30 minutes over breathtaking scenary to take us fishing IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. We were met by a boat that brought us to a one-room cabin so our friends could get outfitted for a day of fishing. We were then off on the boat that took us up the river for a couple of miles to fish. It was amazing. I have been to Canada, Colorado, Utah, and New England but Alaska has a beauty all of its own. Oh, and they have grizzly bears — eek! It turned out to be a perfect day. I missed our boys so much and couldn’t wait to get home, but I think my hasband and I needed a minute to be best friends and reconnect with the things we love. Enjoy the pics.

  • Portage Glacier 1 of 15
    Portage Glacier
  • Portage Glacier 2 of 15
    Portage Glacier
  • Hanging out with my husband 3 of 15
    Hanging out with my husband
    Getting to "hang out" with my best friend.
  • Iceburg 4 of 15
    That's an iceberg right ahead!
  • View from the stage 5 of 15
    View from the stage
    This was my view from stage while performing.
  • Blinds 6 of 15
    It's always sunny in the summer. You need these blinds to sleep.
  • Sea plane 7 of 15
    Sea plane
    This was our ride!
  • The best view 8 of 15
    The best view
    This is the way to see Alaska!
  • Boat meets plane 9 of 15
    Boat meets plane
    There was no dock. The boat just met the plane.
  • Fishing cabin 10 of 15
    Fishing cabin
    Cute place in the middle of NOWHERE.
  • Byron Glacier River 11 of 15
    Byron Glacier River
    Took a hike along this river by Byron Glacier.
  • Fly Fishing 12 of 15
    Fly Fishing
    Got one on the line!
  • Happy hubby 13 of 15
    Happy hubby
    Ah! Yes! My husband LOVES fishing.
  • Fish have teet 14 of 15
    Fish have teet
    These fish chew through the line.
  • Small silver salmon. 15 of 15
    Small silver salmon.
    Silver salmon is good eating.


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