Photographer Chronicles His Girlfriend Guiding Him Around the World (PHOTOS)

I haven’t traveled many places but I’ve always dreamed of going abroad with my husband. Seeing new sights, trying new foods and embarking on mini adventures hand-in-hand seems quite magical.

When I first saw these photos on My Modern Met I was captivated. The notion of seeing the world as you hold the hand of the one you love is beautiful. These stunning photos are part of a series titled Follow Me To by photographer Murad Osmann. The photos feature a photographer seeing the world as his girlfriend leads him.

As stated on My Modern Met, “With her back turned, never revealing her face to the camera, Osmann’s girlfriend guides us all on a journey across the globe to some of the most beautiful, exotic, and radiant environments.”

Get ready to tour the world as you take a look at 15 of these stunning photographs:

  • Photographer Chronicles His Girlfriend Guiding Him Around the World (PHOTOS) 1 of 15
    FollowMeTo Series

    Click through for 15 stunning photographs as a photographer "follows" his girlfriend around the world.

  • "#followmeto NYC with @yourleo" 2 of 15
    #followmeto NYC with @yourleo

    Following along as she leads him through the city that never sleeps.

  • "#followmeto the school tree @yourleo" 3 of 15
    the school tree

    A group of children stand beneath the shade of the "school tree."

  • "#followmeto HK @yourleo" 4 of 15
    #followmeto HK @yourleo

    A glimpse into the Hong Kong night life.

  • "#followmeto the bowling alley @yourleo" 5 of 15
    #followmeto the bowling alley @yourleo

    Even a familiar place such as the bowling alley looks intriguing.

  • "#followmeto gorky park @yourleo" 6 of 15
    #followmeto gorky park @yourleo

    A sweet photo of his girlfriend swinging on the swing set at the park.

  • "#followmeto ravello @yourleo" 7 of 15
    #followmeto ravello @yourleo

    A picturesque setting filled with mirrors and art.

  • "#followmeto somewhere over the rainbow 🙂 @yourleo" 8 of 15
    #followmeto somewhere over the rainbow -)

    It appears the two of them are at a beautiful wedding venue, the rose arch mirroring a rainbow.

  • "#followmeto HK Disney Land" 9 of 15
    #followmeto HK Disney Land

    The happiest place on earth. Disneyland — Hong Kong edition.

  • "#followmeto Ikea" 10 of 15
    #followmeto Ikea

    Who doesn't love Ikea?

  • "Follow me #Sansebastian" 11 of 15
    Follow me #Sansebastian

    A beautiful view from the shore.

  • "#followmeto London @yourleo" 12 of 15
    #followmeto London @yourleo

    Time for a beautiful photo all the way from London.

  • "Follow me to #zaragoza" 13 of 15
    Follow me to #zaragoza

    A photo of his girlfriend taking a photo as she leads him.

  • "#followmeto Austria" 14 of 15
    #followmeto Austria

    A field of flowers makes for a romantic setting.

  • "#followmeto Bali with @yourleo" 15 of 15
    #followmeto Bali with @yourleo

    An exotic setting. Picture perfect.

A special thank you to Murad Osmann for allowing me to feature his beautiful work. You can view more photos of his series Follow Me To on his instagram at @muradosmann or his website.

Photo Source: Murad Osamann’s instagram @muradosmann via My Modern Met


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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