Same Sex Couple to be featured on Disney Channels “Good Luck Charlie”

episode of Good Luck Charlie will feature a family of two momsOn the tail end of the premiere of a “game changing” television show like The Fosters, a show that isn’t afraid to explore unique and diverse dynamics, comes the news of an important episode of the Disney Channel’s television show Good Luck Charlie. According to an article by TV Guide, next season, an episode of Good Luck Charlie will feature a family comprised of two moms. In what is said to be the final season of the series, it is nice to know that they are exiting on a high note — the high note being a show that places some normalcy on a reality for countless children, some of them possibly viewers of the show. As reported by TV Guide the storyline will consist of a play date between the Duncan’s, their preschool-aged daughter Charlie and another child who they come to learn has two moms upon the start of the play date.

While some parents may have concerns about this, I believe this episode will present an opportunity for parents to start talking to their children about differences in family dynamics. In the event that they have been closing their eyes, failing to acknowledge the fact that families do and will continue to come in all forms, this episode brings with it a chance to engage in a meaningful conversation. While families may be different in structure, they also have a lot in common like a love for its members and, at the end of the day parents, no matter what form they come in, most often just want their children to be safe, cared for and happy even if it’s just by arranging a play date for their little one. It also might be nice for same sex couples who don’t have the luxury of watching family television shows with their children that portray families headed by same sex couples.

The article goes on to note “Disney Channel understands the groundbreaking nature of featuring a same-sex couple on one of its sitcoms and took extra care in crafting the episode.” Having grown up watching Disney television shows and as a parent watching shows like Good Luck Charlie with my 8-year-old, I am confident that Disney will present this new family to our families in a manner that will result in not only a teachable moment but also a chance for underrepresented children to realize that there are families all over the world just like them, even on their favorite television shows. This isn’t about whether or not you agree with marriage choices or who people choose to love. It’s about teaching our children that there is a world beyond the bubble we handcrafted for them as babies. It’s about teaching them that at the end of the day a family is a family and the form in which it comes pales in comparison to the love shared amongst its members. For more on this upcoming episode of Good Luck Charlie visit TV Guide.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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