SCHMOOPY! 7 of the Worst Love Letters & Notes Ever Written

Just about every woman dreams about being on the receiving end of an epic love letter. The kind of stuff that can make a gal weak in the knees, word creations that let her know she is the one and only in her guy’s life. I suppose a guy enjoys a well-crafted missive from that special lady in his life as well. That or a quickie before the next episode of The Walking Dead starts.

So, if you’re thinking about penning a little somethin’-somethin’ for the one that stokes the fires of your heart this Valentine’s day, more power to you!

I can’t really tell you what to write, that has to come from you. Or something you copy of the Internet. What I can do is show you what NOT to write. Whatever you do, don’t write anything that even slightly resembles what you’re about to see, mmm-kay?


  • Please Forgive Me 1 of 7

     Don't do it, Janice!


  • Run, Jessica, Run! 2 of 7

    Something tells me that in spite of Jessica's legendary warmth he was feeling the sub-zero temperatures of Hoth after delivering this ...


  • I Gave You My Heartbut 3 of 7

     One question: what's a "heartbut?"


  • Our Love Is Forever So Here Is A Phone 4 of 7

     Switch out that bad boy with an iPhone, and I'll go out with you ...


  • Future Stalker 5 of 7

     And I see alot of girls I really like very much, so, you know ... Choose me or loose me, I've got stuff to do.


  • Dear Weird Al 6 of 7

     I like how she (he?) puts weird in quotes at the top. Like, hey bro. I'm down with the weird thing, but I know you're a real person too.


  • I Don’t Trust You But I Love You 7 of 7

    Aw, Sara. Come over to my house for a sleepover, and I'll set you straight while I paint your nails ... Travis is a doucheburger.


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