Seasons for Planting and Seasons for Harvesting in Your Relationship

The most popular relationship article I’ve ever written detailed the different seasons a couple goes through in marriage. In the article, The 7 Rings of Marriage, I related each season to a different ring of marriage. After looking at my marriage and all we’d gone through — good and bad, I realized each season was common in many relationships. And the results confirmed this.

photo credit: USDAgov via photopin cc
photo credit: USDAgov via photopin cc

I think one reason it’s been so impactful is because people could find their relationship within at least one of the rings, and most had gone through a few rings already. There was comfort in knowing this was normal and others go through this. There’s also an added comfort seeing what is to come when you stay the course.

It’s similar to seed planting. It’s spring here in Indiana, well kind of. Indiana weather is notoriously unpredictable, so it could start snowing by the time I click “publish” on this post. But it is time for seeds to be planted. The ground is ready for it.

Although the ground is ready for the seeds, the ground will not immediately produce what it’s supposed to produce from that seed. That will come later, maybe. It will only produce what is hoped for if we do something daily to help it grow.

If we don’t water it regularly, let it get light, protect it from predators, or prune the things around it which can impact it’s growth, then it won’t happen. Does that sound like a relationship? It is just like a relationship. There is a season of planting, and a season of harvesting.

When your expectations are a harvest during the season of planting or nurturing, frustration will come. The thing about a relationship is it is always in a season of planting and nurturing. Some seasons, or some “rings,” you’ll do more seed-planting than others, but you should never stop.

Here are 3 seeds you can begin planting today to lead you to a season of harvest:

1. Kind words

Your words are a seed no matter if they are kind or not. But remember you can’t get a pear from an apple seed.

2. Acts of service

Don’t limit your seed planting to words. Show your love in action.

3. Give grace

Your spouse is not perfect. Don’t treat them like they are. When they mess up show some grace.

What seeds are you planting in your relationship?

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