Seeing Your Future Spouse Before the Wedding Ceremony: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

seeing your future spouse before the weddingFor some couples tradition is very important when it comes to their wedding day. Abiding by the same practices their parents and grandparents followed such as wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue and not seeing each other before the wedding still hold true for many of today’s modern couples. Even so, there are also numerous brides and grooms who do choose to see each other before their ceremony.

For my husband and I it was a no brainer, we would see each other before we tied the knot. We saw no reason to do it any differently. The only thing that was a surprise to my husband was my dress and in our eyes, whether he saw me in it when everyone else did as I prepared to walk down the aisle or for a few moments before the ceremony, it would still be a special moment because it would be the first time he saw me in my wedding dress.

Seeing one another for the first time before the ceremony was actually even more special for me. I got to take in the moment, see the way his eyes lit up as he saw me. I got to reach out and embrace him. For me it was a moment during which all the wedding day jitters faded away. The things that were still undone or forgotten were no longer at the forefront of my memory. Rather, it was the fact that I was going to marry the man that stood before me.

The arms that embraced me before the ceremony comforted me. They served as a reminder of what I was about to do. I was going to walk down the aisle and back into those arms arms that had been my safe place time and time again and would forever be just that. But seeing each other before the wedding ceremony didn’t just put my nerves at ease as my tightly clenched lips melted into a big grin while we admired one another up close. Seeing each other before allowed us to take a few photos (although sadly not as many as we liked) together, with our wedding party and a few family members. Getting the majority of the pictures “over with” meant we could focus on the rest of our day and I could worry less about my make up or hair or whether or not I had lipstick on my cheek after receiving some love from a well-wisher.

An article I read on The Huffington Post spoke to the fact that people still share different options as to whether or not a couple should see each other before they actually get hitched. The article was promoted by a Redditor question that was posted asking users their thoughts on a bride having her groom see her before the wedding. Obviously this is going to vary depending on the couple. One can give reasons for doing whichever one falls within their preference.

As exciting as the first look is the whole notion of it prompts me to urge brides and grooms to, of course do what makes them happy, but also consider focusing on more than just that first look. Because the person you marry will still be there long after the element of surprise has worn off. Ask yourself if you love them enough to have a second look, a third look and subsequently the lifetime of looks meant to be shared long after the last song has been played at the wedding reception. For more on the first look at a wedding and seeing your spouse before the ceremony visit The Huffington Post.

What are your thoughts? For those of you who are married did you see each other before the ceremony?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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