Selfies: Do Men Love Them or Hate Them?

Selfies: Do Men Love Them or Hate ThemSelfies. They are all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Women take selfies in bathroom stalls, while waiting for the train and when lying in bed. I’m even guilty of taking selfies. When in Rome…take a picture of your reflection in the mirror.

But, how do men feel about this seflie obsession? Do men think it’s sexy? Do they think women are ridiculous? I was inspired by this YourTango post and asked the men in my life.

My cousin, David, hates selfies. He actually said, “I hate them with a passion.” Why so much loathing? “I just find them super annoying because there’s a ‘look at me’ element to them,” he explained.  “Most men do too I’m sure.”

He’s right. Many men think women take selfies because they are insecure. They want “likes” and smiley face emoticons. In other words, women who take an abundance of selfies want validation.

Then there are the ridiculous selfies. Women who pose with a duck face? So not attractive, says another friend. These women want men to think they are hot and oh-so-sexy, so they pout or take half-naked photos. I’m looking at you woman-who-takes-selfies-with-only-a-bra.

Lastly, there is my friend Alan, who does believe selfies are okay. “But only when it comes to showing off something new about one’s self – like a new haircut, hair color, or a sexy outfit,” he comments. Even so, it is all about moderation. “Post a selfie every four hours, then it annoys me and makes me view you as uninteresting and boring,” Alan continues. “The lack of creativity of posting only selfies actually drives people away – which might include potential suitors.”

As for me, I agree with Alan. Selfies are okay and they can serve a purpose, like when showing off a new look. And sometimes we look fine and just don’t have anyone to take a photo of us! I sure don’t. So, I pose. Before a night out, I turn my phone’s camera toward me. I take a photo of myself and make sure there isn’t a toilet in the shot.

What do you think of selfies? Do you take them? Share your thoughts!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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