Seven Shows I Should Have Watched When Everyone Else was Watching Them

Helloooo Tim Riggins. How YOU doin?

I’m telling you this so that you’ll give me some sympathy, but I don’t control the remote control in our house.  Just like with my children, sometimes you have to pick your battles and by the time the kids have gone to bed, I don’t have any fight left in me to argue about what to watch on TV.  This means that most evenings I get to watch my husband’s favorite shows, including such exciting programming as Modern Marvels, How Things are Made, and Wednesday Night at Range.  One good thing, I suppose, about all this “educational” TV that I watch is that I’m well versed on how windshields are installed in cars, how whiskey barrels are rotated, and the best stance to take when an intruder has entered my home.

All this knowledge AND I’m available for parties!

I get most of my TV knowledge and thus, my pop culture knowledge, from Twitter and Facebook. I live vicariously through everyone else’s television viewing. If it weren’t for my friend’s status updates, I probably wouldn’t know important information such as the Real Housewives names.

It’s statuses like these that make me feel so left out!

“Did you see what happened on so and so show last night!?!”

“I cried and cried at the finale of that show!”

“I’ve never been so angry, they cheated us out of an ending!”

“Can’t wait for such and such show to start!  It’s my favorite.”

It’s because of this, I have a long list of shows that I plan to watch. Some shows I’ve already watched, but being a year or five behind everyone else means that I don’t have anyone to talk to about my shows. I’m dying to talk about the LOST finale, but yeah, I’m late to the party as usual.

  • LOST 1 of 7
    I finished up LOST about a year ago...and six months after everyone else...and completely missed out on having friends to talk to about Jack, Kate, polar bears, and crazy time travel. I'll forever miss LOST, believing it to be ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS EVER, AMEN. Also, I'm totally a Sawyer girl. Hubba hubba. (What does hubba hubba even mean?!)
  • Friday Night Lights 2 of 7
    Friday Night Lights
    My current obsession is Friday Night Lights. Having read H.G. Bissinger's book, Three Nights in August (affiliate link), about my favorite baseball coach, Tony LaRussa, I can't believe I didn't watch this show. Friday Night Lights had very devoted fans, despite it's mediocre ratings. Everyone I knew who watched the show raved about the on-screen chemistry of the Taylor family. And I have to agree, despite some of the show's characters being a bit too stereotypical, and several plot lines on the show being completely unrealistic, I LOVE Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor. I also LOVE, well lust after, Tim Riggins. (Please note that I apparently have a thing for semi-crooked guys with long hair in need of redemption.) Tim Riggins? CALL ME!!
  • Mad Men 3 of 7
    Mad Men
    I spent this past summer devoted to Mad Men. It seems like all of my friends couldn't stop talking about this show, the fashions, the smoking, the Donald Draper. Despite his being clean cut, Don Draper also makes the list of Men I Have Inappropriate Thoughts about. He does fit the bill when it comes to semi-crooked, so at least he has that going for him. All the clothes in Mad Men make me wish that I had someplace to wear pointy bras, pearls, and skirts, but that would seem like overkill at preschool pickup and trips to the grocery store. Since I am now completely caught up on Mad Men. I'm eagerly awaiting it's return on AMC in March!
  • Modern Family 4 of 7
    Modern Family
    I think I'm the only person in America to be able to say this, besides my History Channel loving husband of course, but I've never seen Modern Family. I KNOW! Everyone loves this show, it seems. I WANT to see Modern Family, but I want to see it from the first episode. I can't just start all willy nilly by watching it now!
  • Dexter 5 of 7
    I have watched the first two, maybe three seasons of Dexter. This is only because I had Showtime free for a limited time and practically overdosed on good, quality, serial killer programming. As much as I loved my Dexter, I didn't love the hefty price my cable provider wanted for me to continue Showtime. So. No Dexter for me. I absolutely can't wait to get caught up, I hear that the John Lithgow season is amazing in the most disturbing of ways.
  • West Wing 6 of 7
    West Wing
    I just recently finished reading Rob Lowe's autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends (affiliate link). Rob Lowe talked a lot about his role on West Wing and now I feel like maybe I missed out. When this show actually aired, it just wasn't something I was interested in watching. I mean, my parents liked this show and they watch terrible shows! But now, I'm intrigued-and years and years too late. Netflix? This is a show that needs to be on Instant Queue!
  • True Blood 7 of 7
    True Blood
    As much as I loathe Twilight, I am intrigued by vampires and would love to watch True Blood. HBO met the same fate as Showtime once Sopranos and Six Feet Under ended. I'm also years behind on this show, but hopefully someday I'll get to catch up on True Blood and see what all the fuss is about.

    What other shows should I add to my Must Watch list? I hear that Homeland is one of the best shows on TV right now and that I really missed out by not watching The Killing.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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