Should You Have a Marriage Mission Statement?

Just about every successful organization or individual has a mission statement.  A mission statement that shares why they exist and what value they bring to others.  What about your marriage?  Should you have a marriage mission statement?

Your marriage has a mission…whether you know it or not

I’ve been married to the same woman for 12 plus years.  Our marriage has changed over the years.  When we first decided to get married, we were marriage ignorant.  We had no clue what marriage was about.  Our marriage mission at the time, although unspoken, was probably to have our individual needs met.

Should You Have a Marriage Mission Statement?
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Let me speak for myself.  I was more focused on getting my needs met and less focused on my wife.  As we grew a little, no, as we learned how hard marriage was, especially focusing only on our needs, our mission shifted to staying together.

If you grow, your mission will grow

We were unhappy, frustrated, and confused a lot.  Fortunately, some people who knew a lot more about marriage than we did taught us about marriage.  And one of the first things we learned was that divorce is not an option.  This set the course of our mission for probably the first 5-7 years.  Our mission had grown from me-me-me, to us and our children.

As we accomplished that mission and it was no longer a concern, the mission moved to improving the standard of living of our family and expansion (kids).  Well, the expansion came as a surprise, as not one of our three children were planned for.

Fulfilling your mission will impact more people over time

Now, over the last 2-3 years our mission is less focused on us individually, us as a couple, or us as a growing family.  We realized through the 12 years that our marriage has had an impact on other married couples, as well as singles.

The mission of our marriage has changed once again, just as we have grown.  The focus of our mission in marriage is to represent a positive image of marriage and family and encourage other couples in their marriages.

We’ve found out in doing this that we are fulfilled and each previous mission of our marriage is met.  Our individual needs are met.  We are not only together, but we are happy together.  We are positioning ourselves for the lifestyle we desire and our kids are maturing and growing.

So now, after all these years, we have a clear marriage mission statement.  That is, until the next phase of growth and maturity for us. 🙂

Do you have a marriage mission statement?   If not, what is keeping you from having one?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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