Show Your Support for Marriage Equality to the People Behind the Policies

marriageequalityredI’m feeling emotional this week. My teariness shouldn’t surprise me, because this is such an important week as the Supreme Court considers marriage equality, an issue incredibly personal and important to me, but it does. I think of myself as an advocate, a warrior in a long marathon of justice-seeking. Warriors don’t get verklempt.

The facts of the cases before the Supreme Court aren’t choking me up, important as they are. Two cases will be heard this week, with arguments marking the first time that the freedom to marry for same-sex couples will be considered by the nation’s highest court. Today the constitutionality of California’s Prop 8 will be considered.

On Wednesday, Windsor vs. the United States will be heard. My hero Edie Windsor’s case challenges the archaic Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits federal support of legal marriages between same-sex couples.

Those cases fire me up, are landmarks in the long fight for equal rights, and hopefully will be causes for celebration.

What tears me up, though, are the personal stories. The blogs, photos and videos from gay and lesbian families, some with California marriages in the balance, some directly affected by marriage inequality, all affected in general. The personal status updates of hope. The social media shows of support from allies, from straight moms and dads and single people and married people who understand that love is love, that no marriage of any kind is a threat to theirs or their other choices, and that those fighting for equality deserve some vocal support. The cheers from Canadians hoping we’ll catch up soon. The simple change of a Facebook icon to a red symbol of support today truly means a lot to those of us waiting for public acknowledgement and acceptance of our very personal truths.

So I’m way dialed in to the news today. I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for June, when the rulings are expected.  And I’ll be soaking in the PDA (public displays of acceptance) via social media as LGBTQ families and allies alike show their support for marriage equality this week.  Lesbian Family, for example, is showcasing stories of LGBTQ marriage every Wednesday until the rulings are released, and has a weekly feature showing queer family photos.  Add LF and these family blogs to your feed if you are looking to tap into rich stories of the lives behind the policies:


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The Didactic Pirate and his Babble Voice’s column Dad Overboard

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I think a part of the massive wave of acceptance that has been blooming has its roots in the bravery of out families and in the sharing that happens on a daily level in our lives and through social media. Show these families direct support and feel included in the historic changes taking place. I’m hoping with all my heart that the Supreme Court does the right things on the cases it hears this week.

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