Single Dad Laughing… unleashed.

Hey. You. Yes, the one reading this. This is my first post here on Danoah Unleashed, so take it easy on me. I’m overly sensitive and somewhat prone to crying when people are mean or when little kids do awesome things like dance on popular television shows. It’s not my fault though, crying is a part of being a dad (nobody warned me about that). When one becomes a parent, her his hormones change and he becomes snivelly and sensitive and overly weird about everything that goes on around him.

Anyway, I have a four-year old son. Noah. He’s about the most amazing kid on earth. He’s the best swimmer, best piano player, best puzzle-builder, best dog-buddy, and best hop-on-one-footer in the world. If you say otherwise, I’ll meet you at the flagpole later, cause, well, that’s what dads do. But I’m not worried about you showing up because another thing dads do is not listen to other people saying their kids are the best. They’re too busy watching their own kids “be the best.”

So, yeah… they invited me to be a blogger over here at Babble. They told me I’d be showered with riches and glory (except for the riches and glory part), and after hearing about the other bloggers that would be here, there was no way I could turn that down. I mean, talk about a one-stop shop for the funniest, coolest, hippest, weirdest parent-bloggers out there (you have three guesses to tell me which category I fall in, and your hint is that it’s not the first three).

So, why the blog name Danoah Unleashed? Mostly because was taken. Okay, that sounded funnier in my head.

I have another blog (Single Dad Laughing) which really has no rhyme or reason to it. It’s the place where I talk about whatever the heck I want to talk about. I attempt to entertain the masses. I rant. I rave. I go to obscure places that half the world loves and half the world hates. I make stupid and ridiculous videos because I can. Danoah unleashed (that’s this blog) will be a little bit different in that I will be writing, for the most part, only about the incredibly hilarious things I constantly see or think about as a parent.

At least that’s the plan. Who knows but that I’ll get all emotional, whiny, or ranty around here once in a while, too. Heaven knows I haven’t been able to keep it off of my other blog.

Anyway, the name Danoah is a cross between my name and my son’s name and has been a pseudonym of ours over yonder and I’m excited to have an additional, fresh platform to write from (thus the “unleashed” part of it).

So, buckle up. I can’t promise you’ll agree with everything I write here on Danoah Unleashed, but I can promise you that when you come you’ll either A) laugh, B) be brought to think, or C) want to charge me for the amount of your life that you feel you wasted reading it. Be warned though, that even though I don’t have a lot of money, I can totally pay you back in hand-me-down boy’s clothing that Noah has grown out of. I have plenty of that lying around.

And, now that we’ve got the first, awkward, intro post out of the way… here we go. Can’t wait to see you around.

Dan Pearce, Danoah Unleashed

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