Someone for Everyone: 18 of the Most Unusual and Unique Niche Dating Websites

“There’s someone for everyone.” Turns out a lot of people don’t agree with this phrase. But it’s very likely they don’t because they haven’t met their someone. If you’re doubtful this is true a quick Google search of dating websites will show you that indeed there just might be. And if not, at the very least, I think it’s safe to say that there is in fact a dating website for everyone. Almost.

Niche dating sites are immensely common. Whether you are seeking an inmate, someone with a mullet or simply someone who shares the same religious beliefs as you do, there’s a website for that. I browsed the internet and identified 18 of the most unique ones. Even so this is only a handful of what’s out there. If you’re a crazy cat lady, rest assure there’s someone out there for you too? Yes, your purrfect match awaits. Take a look at 18 of the most unusual and unique niche dating sites and if you know of some more be sure to share them in the comments!

  • 18 of the Most Unusual and Unique Niche Dating Websites 1 of 18

    Take a look at 18 of the most unusual and unique niche dating websites.

  • MyLovelyParent.com 2 of 18

    My Lovely Parent is a website designed to help older single mothers and fathers meet their match. The site was actually created by a son who wanted to help his mother, "a gorgeous single lady in her 60's" find her "knight in shining armor" (per her request of course).

  • SeaCaptainDate.com 3 of 18

    The slogan of this dating website is simple "find your first mate." This is the place where Sea Captains go to meet someone who loves the ocean as much as they do. Whether you are looking for a pen pal or someone to sail the seven seas with Sea Captain Date has got you covered.

  • FarmersOnly.com 4 of 18

    If you're more of the stay on land type and "single in the country" then farmers only might be your dating site of choice.

  • FindYourFaceMate.com 5 of 18

    Find your FaceMate is all about the science behind your love match. This site notes that upon seeing a face similar to your own a sense of "recognition or chemistry" is triggered. Those behind this website use "sophisticated facial recognition software and a proprietary algorithm to identify partners more likely to ignite real passion and compatibility."

  • WealthyMen.com 6 of 18

    This dating site features a moving photo display at the bottom. Be prepared for tons of selfies and bikini photos of "beautiful and interesting women" who are hoping to meet a gentleman who just so happens to have a "great career and makes over $85k" a year. Clearly this is not the website for those who live by the mantra "money isn't everything." Here it seems it is. And looks too.

  • AgeMatch.com 7 of 18

    If you are looking to date someone who is significantly older or younger than you then Age Match is the place for you. Clearly in this place age is just a number.

  • Stache Passions 8 of 18

    Some of you are over the mustache trend but it's alive and thriving particularly on 'Stache Passions, a site for those with a "passion for the stash."

  • Purrsonals.com 9 of 18

    If you love cats and don't want to run the risk of becoming a crazy cat lady consider Purrsonals. It's where you can meet cat lovers with "purrsonalities" that are similar to yours.

  • TallFriends.com 10 of 18

    If you happen to be on the taller side and you're literally ready to have a real face to face conversation for a change or want someone who can appreciate your height then visit Tall Friends. According to them they are the top dating site for "tall singles and tall admirers."

  • WaitingTillMarriage.org 11 of 18

    Waiting Till Marriage will remind those who have chosen celibacy that they are not alone. The site notes that they aren't affiliated with any particular religion. Their desire is to create a place to make life easier if you are waiting until marriage or dating someone who is and introduce you to people who seek to the same.

  • MustLovePets.com 12 of 18

    If you're a pet lover it only makes sense that you want to be with someone who loves pets just as much as you do. If you are in search of a "sincere relationship with other dog lovers or cat lovers" Must Love Pets is the place to be.

  • Trek Passions 13 of 18

    With a slogan that says "love long and prosper" it only makes sense that Trek Passions is the dating destination for Star Trek lovers as well as other science fiction lovers.

  • Alikewise 14 of 18

    You learned long ago that there is more to a book than its cover. Enter Alikewise. It's a dating site that allows you to find people based on their book tastes.

  • Blue State Date and Red State Date 15 of 18

    Looking to find your political match or as they refer to it "running mate"? I have just one question for you --  blue state or red state?

  • Date My Single Kid/Fab Over Fifty 16 of 18

    Fab Over Fifty is a place where "women of substance share their style" but it is also a place where the saying "mama knows best" seems to ring true. Moms who are members can go here to find love matches for their single kids.

  • Your Cause or Mine 17 of 18

    A website that allows you to meet people who are passionate about the same causes as you. Perhaps philanthropy is a big part of who you are and you want to make a difference. Your Cause or Mine is the place to meet someone who shares the same desire you do.

  • Cupidtino 18 of 18

    IPhone addicts rejoice! There's a dating website just for you. "Cupidtino is the first ever 'Mac-inspired' dating site. Its goal is to bring Apple fans and lovers of beautiful hardware and software design together."

Have you ever used a niche dating website? What are your thoughts on them? For additional unusual and unique dating websites visit The Huffington Post. And if you’re a foodie looking for love don’t miss 6 Food-Related Niche Dating Sites To Help You Find Your Perfect Match!

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