Spouses Confess: The Worst Christmas Present I’ve Given or Received

In general, I pride myself on being an excellent gift-giver.

Giving presents is kind of “my thing.” I love the planning that goes into finding the perfect present and in many ways, it’s how I express my love to those who matter in my life.

That being said, however, I have to confess that there have been a few epic Christmas gift-giving fails in my day. Read on for some of my fails and the fails of others.

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  • Tommy Boy 2 of 12

    My husband and I started dating during our senior year of high school, early in October. So when Christmas rolled around, we had been together barely three months. Not really knowing what to get him that wouldn't say, "I love you, I'm desperate" or "I hate you, here are some sweatpants," I settled on something small that was meaningful to him. Knowing that Tommy Boy was his favorite movie, I got him the DVD and patted myself on the back for a cool, yet sweet present. So you can imagine my surprise when I unwrapped a $400 diamond necklace from him! I totally lied and told him that the rest of his present was in the mail and went out and bought the fanciest DVD player that money could buy. 

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  • Diamond Ring 3 of 12

    Ok, so this wasn't a gift that I gave per-say, but it was my reaction to a gift my husband gave. For our second Christmas as a married couple, my husband again busted out the diamonds, and he surprised me with a diamond wedding band. (We had been very poor when we got married, and actually bought our wedding bands at a discount store.) Unfortunately, we still really didn't have the finances for the ring, even though it was a sweet gesture, and I ended up taking the ring back. Horrible wife award for all of time, I know, I know. But we were saving for a house and every day I am grateful for our home and our sweet family. Plus, I kind of like our simple wedding bands--they remind me of how little we started with. 

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  • Sweatpants 4 of 12

    This one cracked me up. Like me, Avery Elizabeth expected a low-key Christmas with her boyfriend. So, she got him sweatpants. (Avery, that may have been slightly too casual, in retrospect.) Also like, me, she was shocked and mortified when he turned around to gave her diamond and an iPod touch. "The men always act like they aren't going to spend a lot of money so then you're thinking, 'Ohh ok just something small, then BAM!!' Diamonds, I felt like crap," Avery recounts. 

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  • A shotgun 5 of 12

    One husband confessed that he bought his wife a shotgun for Christmas, under the premise of spending time outdoors with him. But the truth? He ended up trading in the gun when she was less than thrilled  with the gift for a more expensive model that he really wanted! 

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  • An aerosol gun 6 of 12

    Ok, apparently husbands getting wives guns is a thing, because Melissa Reamer recounts the time when her husband got her an aerosol gun one Christmas. When I asked her to explain what it was, because I had no idea, she replied, "I didn't either...until then. It is like a BB gun. I have no idea WHY he would think i would want one!' Just be careful, Melissa -- you'll shoot your eye out!

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  • Ball python 7 of 12

    I'm not sure if this one counts, but it is so shocking I had to include it. One reader wrote that she really wanted a "ball python." Which if you are unsure of what that is, as I was, it is indeed a snake. Although comfortingly, it is the smallest of the python family. She writes, "I wanted a ball python for my birthday ( specific one that I had already bonded with) He didn't get paid for another week, so I bought it with my money and he was supposed to pay me back--$250. He never did..." I deem that a failure, yes. 

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  • A pet rat 8 of 12

    If this hadn't happened in my family, I wouldn't believe it, but it's a true story, I swear. When my uncle was first dating my aunt, he wandered into the pet shop to pick her up something fuzzy and adorable (my aunt is an animal lover). Unfortunately, the gentle giant that my uncle is, he somehow got swindled into the sweet-talking salesman who convinced him that his new love would really appreciate...a pet rat. We still tease him about it to this day! Also? Spoiler alert: My aunt did not like the pet rat. 

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  • Socks 9 of 12

    Yes, it's true -- Nicole B. went there. "I bought Tim socks for Christmas this year. His sock drawer is a disaster, I am throwing all his old ones out and putting the new ones in!" No shame there. And actually, now that I think about it, my husband is always begging for new socks...hmmm...

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  • A gas card 10 of 12

    Jennifer Leigh Ross says, "I received a $100 gas card to Speedway! Oh, and a Christmas card! How thoughtful!"

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  • An appliqued Christmas sweater 11 of 12

    Nope, this isn't even a joke for a bad Christmas sweater party. "This would be a gift from my ex-husband, a couple of years prior to the divorce," confesses one reader. "I can't say which was worse. The year I had to buy my own gift, but I made him wrap it. He put one of our kids' names on the gift, so I didn't even get to unwrap the cologne I had bought myself. Then there was the next year when I insisted that he needed to at least make an effort to buy something. I got the most awful, ugly sweater from Cabela's with deer appliqués on it. That isn't the worst part. The sleeves were abnormally down to my knees long. I do laugh about it now, but I wasn't laughing when he insisted I wear it to his family's Christmas party."

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  • Fake concert tickets 12 of 12

    "I wouldn't call this the worst gift but it certainly made my jaw drop," says fellow Babble writer Krishann of His Mr.Her Mrs. "One year my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, surprised me with a basket that included a Celine Dion concert DVD. He even included tickets too! I was in shock until I realized the tickets weren't real. We had decided to make each other a creative gift that year -- his was a basket filled with treats and plans for us to attend a concert --- in the living room! It was actually super sweet. He isn't a Celine fan but he watched the entire concert with me from his couch of course! :)"

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