Stop Hurting Your Husband, Men Have Feelings Too!

Men have feelings, too! Some men may be even more sensitive than most women. But you will never know it. Showing our emotions is not how we are wired. We are wired to suck it up, to man up, and to avoid confrontation.

There is some belief that when we don’t hide our hurt feelings, we can be labeled as soft or weak. So no matter how much we hurt inside we will do our best to not let it be known. We feel it, but we won’t show it.

An article on Your Tango titled, “Men have feelings, too!” shared some of the most hurtful things you can say to a man. Below I will share some of the most devastating things you can do to hurt your husband. If you are doing any of these things, stop today. Maybe your man is “cool with it.” But I doubt it. He is probably to proud, or too “manly” to admit it hurts.

Here are 7 of the most hurtful ways you are hurting your husband

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    Stop Hurting Your Husband, Men Have Feelings, Too!

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  • Doing work deemed to be a "man’s job." 2 of 8
    Doing work deemed to be a "man's job."

    So your man is not very handy. But you learned a thing or two from your dad growing up. When it comes time to repair something around the house, or changing a tire, you will embarrass the heck out of him by doing it. He'll feel like his woman had to do his work. Your husband wants to do those things for you, or at least have them taken care of if he's unable.

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  • Not introducing him 3 of 8
    Not introducing him

    You probably know people who your husband has never met. That could be at work, at the gym, or even the grocery store. When your husband is with you and you cross paths with one of these people, not introducing him makes him feel like a nobody. No man wants to feel like a nobody.

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  • Not acknowledging his work 4 of 8
    Not acknowledging his work

    A man is identified by the work he does, and the success he has doing his work. When you belittle his work, or make it seem like you don't appreciate his efforts, it is a deep cut. Even if his job sucks, or he sucks at his job, he doesn't want or need your acknowledgement of this. He needs your encouragement.

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  • Doing something else during sex 5 of 8
    Doing something else during sex

    Please do not pick up your phone to check who is calling, or respond to that Facebook alert. Unless you want to devastate your man. During sex a man wants to feel that you are so caught up the house could be on fire and you wouldn't know it. Anything else is a gut punch and the same as you screaming, "my man is weak in the bed!"

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  • Trying to fix his mess ups 6 of 8
    Trying to fix his mess ups

    If your husband messes something up, do not...I repeat...do not try to fix it for him. Even when you know an easy solution to do so. When he messes up, he needs to fix it himself, or get to the point where he needs to ask you to step in for a fix. Don't just go around cleaning up after him like a baby. It will make him feel like a baby, not a man.

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  • Mentioning what your girlfriend’s man does for her 7 of 8
    Mentioning what your girlfriend's man does for her

    "Mary's husband brings home fresh flowers (or carves love notes in fresh fruit) every week. She loves them, and goes on and on about him." Uh uh. That is not anything he wants to hear. In your husband's mind he thinks you are saying, "Why don't you do something nice for me? You don't compare to a man like that." You'd be better off asking him to bring home flowers (or carve love notes in fruit) for you.

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  • Sharing anything personal about him in the presence of others 8 of 8
    Sharing anything personal about him in the presence of others

    So your husband hates his hairy back, but if he shaves it grows back like Chewbacca. Maybe it's funny at home, but not in the presence of others. Whatever your husband's thing is at home, it should remain a thing at home. Sharing something personal, and possibly embarrassing, to others will break him down like nothing else.

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Have you done any of these before? Did you notice a change in your husband when you did?

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