Study Finds That More Time in the Bedroom Puts More Money in Your Pocket

After hearing all of the benefits that sex can offer us — a better immune system! a glowing complexion! less back pain! — there’s one more to add to the list:

More cold, hard cash. 

Nick Drydakis, a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Labor in Athens, published his findings in July on the effects of sex and money, with some pretty surprising results.

Drydakis hypothesized that because so much research has found sex to be an indicator of health and well-being on everything from how long you will live to how much you will weigh to how happy you will be in your marriage, that it would only make sense that a good sex life would also be correlated to traits that make people financially successful.

And as it would turn out, he was right. 


On average, Dyrdakis and his team found that adults in a committed relationship had sex about once a week, on average. (Anyone else breathing a sigh of relief here?) They found the once-a-weekers made pretty decent money. Like their sex lives, it was really nothing to write home about.

But when couples bumped up the action in the bedroom by a notch, even a couple more times a month, they showed an increase in wages. And the biggest shocker?

When the once-a-weekers upped the ante to doing the deed four times a week?

Their income increased by a whopping 3.2%.

In other good news, the team found that married couples had a slightly increased sexual activity ranking — but only at about a 1% increase. (Hey, I’ll take what I can get, ok?) The study also found that sexual orientation did not change the results.

More sex wasn’t only associated with more money, but it was also a predictor of who would have better health, higher levels of education, and be more involved in church or community activities. He did point out that the association could very well be linked backwards; as in, people with more money and better jobs simply have more time to have a lot of sex. However, he points out that such a claim is unlikely.

What is likely is that dedicated couples who have more sex reap all the benefits we know and love — increasing their connection, feeling more attractive, and gaining more self-confidence, which help them to climb the career ladder.

So if that’s not enough to inspire you to climb into bed with a bit more motivation, I don’t know what will.

Image via AJU_photography/Flickr

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