Study Reveals Disturbing Reasons Why Women Remove Their Wedding Rings

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Image Source: Thinkstock

The wedding ring. The symbol of love. The symbol of commitment. Something many women desire to wear one day. Something all women can’t wait to show off the minute they get it.

If the wedding ring means so much, then why do many women remove them in certain situations? One study revealed some very disturbing reasons.

I recently read an article on YourTango that shared the results of a recent study about women removing their wedding rings. I am a proponent of women and men wearing their wedding rings at all times. In fact, I even wrote a post about why those who end up with the best marriages wear 7 rings of marriage before getting there.

According to the study, one in three married or engaged women will remove their wedding rings in “certain situations.”  The reasons just may cause you to have a negative perception of women in our society, but it’s important to remember that not all are guilty of this.

Here are reasons why married or engaged women remove their wedding rings, plus two reasons why they never should.

Which, if any, of these reasons do you view as legitimate? Why?

1. Work

As a dad of a daughter, this is disturbing. This says people believe married women cannot be as successful as single women. And to make it worse, the women who remove wedding rings believe it. I hope my daughter realizes when she gets married that it doesn’t make her less effective by any means.

2. Job Interviews

Almost one-third of women believe their chances of landing jobs are lower if they are married. So, what happens when they get hired? Do they keep the wedding ring off? Or what happens if they are hired for the wrong reasons based on the belief they were single? This could lead to major problems. Marriage is a commitment. Accepting a job is a commitment. The employer should be concerned, as should the woman who believes she needs to remove her wedding ring.

3. Socializing

This statistic confuses and disturbs me the most. You commit to a marriage, but they you don’t want those you socialize with to know you’re married? This doesn’t bode well for any marriage. I’m actually a little surprised that 22 percent of women remove wedding rings for this reason. Check out the remaining slides to learn more about why they take their rings off when socializing.

4. To appear single

This is disturbing, but I’m not sure where the blame is. Is it because the woman craves the attention which single women get in a social environment? Or is it because her husband doesn’t show her enough attention at home, so she does anything she can to get the attention? Both are disturbing, and a sign that the marriage isn’t in the best place.

5. To cheat

Really?? So, you get married only to go out, remove your ring, and try to find someone to cheat with? Dumb, disturbing, and not much else needs to be said.

Why leave it on?

Yes, work pays some bills, new opportunities can take a career to the next level, and your social life is important. But none of the above come close to your relationship with your spouse. I was told: “Don’t go for the good, and miss out on the great.

And also? If you have really committed to your husband, your marriage, and love him, then you should want to let everybody know. If you don’t want to let it be known, at least through wearing your wedding ring, then why even get married?

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