Study Reveals Why Parents Don’t Like Their Daughter’s Boyfriends

I am now the dad of a 13-year old daughter! *serious look on face* Thirteen years went way too fast for me! I really cannot believe we are here already. I have already noticed boys looking at my daughter differently than they did when she was 5. Which means I know dating will come up at some point.

As a dad I am expected to not like any of my daughter’s boyfriends. They are the mortal enemies of a dad. We compete for the same thing, our daughter’s heart.

Real reasons parents don’t like their daughter’s boyfriends

The Huffington Post shared a Study from a University of Bristol researcher that linked Evolution and Human behavior to the reasons parents don’t like their daughter’s boyfriends. The study links the parental distribution of resources among their kids as the primary reason. Basically they see the boyfriends as less caring when they compare.  Huh?

I don’t think a scientific study is needed, especially one involving evolution, to pin point why we don’t like our daughter’s boyfriends. However, the study did reveal some interesting points when beginning to look at social class and family background.

My reasons I won’t like my daughter’s boyfriends

Despite what evolution says, I’ve listed some reasons why I may not like my daughter’s boyfriends when that time comes…10 years from now!  But I’ve also added some reasons I may begin to like them over time.

What are your feelings about your daughter’s boyfriends?

  • Why I won’t like my daughter’s boyfriends, but may grow to 1 of 8

    Click through to see my "study" on the reasons any boyfriend of my daughter's may start off as an enemy.

  • No one can love her like we can 2 of 8
    Daddy's Little Girl

    I was the first person to see my daughter come into this world, literally! My wife and I have given up our lives to make sure she has the best possible life we can provide. We know her good traits, and bad traits, but nothing will ever change the way we love her. I'm certain a boyfriend cannot do that.

  • I was once a boy 3 of 8

    I was that boyfriend that parents either liked or didn't like. Honestly, I never knew how they felt because I always tried to keep my distance. But what I do know is what boys are thinking. Most of the time, nothing! If so, it is nothing good, at least not for my daughter. My wife may not have the same perspective, but she's known me since I was a teenager, so maybe she does. 🙂

  • Young boys are irreponsible 4 of 8

    I know I make mistakes, but I don't want the irresponsibility of someone else impacting my daughter. He is bound to mess up, and when he does I won't be as easy on him as I am on myself.

  • Why I may begin to like my daughter’s boyfriends…maybe! 5 of 8

    Keep clicking to see some things that may "win" me over.

  • He respects her, my wife, and me 6 of 8

    If over time he demonstrates a genuine respect for our daughter, and I also see it in the way he is toward my wife and I, then there is potential. Any signs of disrespect and he loses...for good.

  • I get to know his parents and like them 7 of 8

    If I don't know the parents it is a no-go! My wife and some of our friends with kids have occasionally "joked" that we are not opposed to arranged marriages. I understand our daughter is a product of us, and our marriage union. Just the same any boyfriend she has is a product of his parents and their relationship. If the parents are crazy, then he probably is too.

  • He loves Jesus 8 of 8

    I'm not sure what, or who, you put your faith in, but we put our faith in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our understanding how this common belief has shaped, saved, and continues to make our marriage successful confirms this is important when in a relationship. My wife and I both agree if we both didn't have this faith, and this relationship with Jesus then we would not still be together. That foundation will set the course for all other interactions in any relationship our daughter has.

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