Study Suggests Men Match Their Walking Pace to Match Their Romantic Partner’s

When you think of someone in love, what are some of the signs you see? Perhaps their happier and smiling a lot more. Maybe they’re in a better mood, singing or whistling, or just busier and going out more than normal. A new study covered by TIME.com states a new side effect of being in love that can affect our men and it’s not a typical one you’d think of.

When my husband and I go out, even if it’s just to the grocery store, I’m always the one waiting for him to get ready. It’s something that’s been happening forever. However, when it comes to actually getting out of the house, he has to wait for me. I am what you would call a “slow walker,” and I blame it on my short legs. I kind of have to take two steps for every one of my husband’s, so I’m slower, but he never ends up yards ahead of me because he walks at my pace.

This new study done by researchers from Seattle Pacific University in Washington looked at the way men walked in terms of their speed (not women) and found something surprising. They studied 11 men and 11 women and tracked their walking speed as they walked around a track with their romantic partner, their friends of the opposite sex, and alone. What they discovered made me smile because it’s a cue that my husband really does love me (not that I really doubted it).

Their study, published in the journal PLOS ONE was released last week and it concluded that:

When walking with women, men significantly slow their pace to their companions’, but only if the woman is their romantic partner. Walking with friends, whether it be friends of the same or opposite sex, did not significantly change pace for anyone, and women only slightly changed their pace when walking with their partner.

I always slightly felt bad that I could never keep up with the pace of my husband and his crazy long strides, but I never realized how much he has to adjust his speed when he walks with me until we talked about it a few weeks ago. My speed is even slower right now since I am almost 9 months pregnant and well, according to my husband I “gangle” and not walk. But now I know that each time he slowly walks with me when he could easily speed along, he can’t help that either because he just loves me so much.

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Source: TIME.com


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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