Surprising Habits That Can Cause a Break-up

Habits That Cause Break-upsEveryone, yes even you, has habits that their partners find a little annoying. I know my indecisiveness, need to control, and love for taking charge of the remote control can be annoying for my partner and over the years we’ve learned how to deal with each other’s habits.

For us, these little things are just that – little and annoying, but not relationship deal-breakers. We tend to think more that the bigger things like infidelity would be more the factor if we were to ever break up, but neither of us anticipate that happening.

A new study done by SKYCIG found that 55% of women in relationships would leave their partner just because of these little annoying habits we all have.

The biggest offender of all was smoking, with 64% of women and men saying that the smell alone (and the frequency) of smoking would be enough for them to leave their partners. I guess some would see it as sneaking around and lying if you’re leading your partner to believe you’re no longer smoking. And yeah, that smell kind of sticks to everything.

The second annoying habit that leads to break ups was significantly lower than smoking, but still a big percentage. 22% of people who partook in this study said that their partner ignoring them and never listening was another large reason for breaking up. If you’re in a relationship and you have never been good with money, you may want to get a check on that because the 20% of participants in this study ranked poor money management as another habit that would cause them to break up with their partner, and if you’re lazy, 19% said that was a deal-breaker as well.

For me, the most surprising annoying habit that was a deal-breaker for many in the study coming in with 15% of the participants was their partner hogging the TV remote. Apparently, people take watching the newest episode of “The Bachelor” very seriously and anyone who comes in the way of that has to go.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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