Are Men More Family-oriented Than Women? A New Survey Says, “Yes!”

I recently shared survey results showing that women work more hours than men. Much of this work is unpaid household duties. Well, another survey revealed who is more family oriented, men or women? One group not only wants the successful career, but they want their family and marriage life to be just as successful. Surprisingly, it was the men, not the women who wanted this more.

The results of this survey were originally published on, and subsequently looked into on Some people were surprised by the results, but I’m not too surprised. Based on my personal, family, and professional experience it seems almost expected.

The roles of husband and dad is very important to men today

One of my main goals is to spend more meaningful time with my family. Even if it means I have to take a different approach to my career. I recently finished my manifesto, called The Family Leader’s Manifesto, which is a call and encouragement to men to be the best husbands and dads they can be.

It is not enough to be a great leader at work, in the community, or in ministry. If we do that, but suck at loving and leading our family at home, then we are out of balance. And in the eyes of many men, unsuccessful.

The survey results show many men feel the same way.  Check out the comparison for men and women when it comes to work-life balance and having hit all.

  • Are men more family-oriented than women? 1 of 8
    Blog post pic - Babble - Men are more family oriented 2013.11.21

    Click through the slides to see the comparisons of men and women with career and family concerns.

  • Is work-life balance the number one career concern? 2 of 8

    When it comes to the number one career concern there isn't much difference. Men identify work-life balance as a major concern just slightly more than women (50% of men to 48% of women).

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  • Does "having it all" include a strong, loving marriage? 3 of 8

    For a man to say he "has it all," it has to include a great marriage. Almost 8 out of 10 men say this is so (79%), while two-third of woman feel this way (66%). Typically you think valuing marriage is more important to women. Not so according to this.

    photo credit: Shemer via photopin cc

  • Does "having it all" include children? 4 of 8
    Father Holding Daughter's Hand

    Now the women have to feel this is more important than the men do. Nope! Men feel "having it all" includes kids more than women (86% to 73%).

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  • Is marriage even necessary to "have it all?" 5 of 8

    More women feel being married is not absolutely necessary. Of those surveyed 25% said all they need is a "strong, loving relationship" not necessarily a marriage. Only 14% of men agree with that.

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  • Is success linked to marriage? 6 of 8

    The amount of women even consider marriage when thinking career success has doubled in one year. In 2012 5% of women said they don't even factor it in, while 9% in 2013 say the same thing.

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  • What about the ability to work from home? 7 of 8

    The workforce today is more mobile and flexible than it has ever been. But how important is this to career satisfaction to men and women? Women consider it very important (90%), as well as men, just not as high (72%).

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  • How important is a good maternity/paternity leave policy? 8 of 8

    This one surprising me that women view this less important as the ability to work from home. Women do view it as more important versus men, but just over half of them (56% to 36%). 

    photo credit: Ambernectar 13 via photopin cc

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