Survey Says: What Men and Women Both Want in Bed Is…

what men want in bedFor the most part, we all want something from our spouse or the person we are in a relationship with. Whether it is more of their time and help around the house, or simply their love and respect, no matter how good (or bad) the relationship is, we all have needs and wants. And most often, we look to our loved ones to be understanding and responsive to them. While some of our desires are more general others are specific to certain circumstances or even places, places like the bedroom.

A recent survey by Your Tango and Durex, as cited by The Huffington Post, identified what it is men and women really want in bed. While your initial thought might be more sex (or maybe less sex if your sleep deprived) the wants of men and women go much deeper than the ongoing dilemma of frequency that many couples face, particularly after the arrival of a baby. What men and women seem to want more of is actually “emotional intimacy.”

The article goes on to say that “96 percent of respondents said that the best sex is had with someone with whom they are emotionally connected.” Another noteworthy finding is that vulnerability is seen as a turn on.

While physical attraction holds weight when it comes to better loving in the bedroom so does “emotional intimacy and feeling secure and loved.”

Turns out ladies aren’t the only ones who value emotional intimacy when it comes to their love lives. As with many things in life, sex is more pleasurable and meaningful when engaged in with someone who you connect with more than just on a physical level. For more of the findings on what men and women really want in bed, visit The Huffington Post.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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