Sweetest Day Is Coming: 5 Simple Ways to Show Your Spouse You Care

Sweetest Day is coming up (this year it falls on October 19th) and although I’ve never really celebrated it, I must admit I’m kind of sweet on the concept of it. So what is Sweetest Day? Aside from another reason for anxious husbands to make their way to the Hallmark Store thanks to some hinting from their wives, it is a day to show your appreciation. According to Hallmark, Sweetest Day originates in the Great Lakes region of North America, its purpose grounded in thoughtfulness (and maybe chocolate). As Hallmark notes:

“It’s simply a reminder that a thoughtful word, deed or small gift enriches the life of the recipient as well as the person giving it.”

It is believed that the holiday got its start in the 1920s when a candy company employee by the name of Herbert Birch Kingston wanted to bring a little cheer to the lives of “those who were often forgotten.” Along with others, he delivered candy and gifts to members of society who were often overlooked, including orphans and individuals who were “confined to their homes.” This small yet sweet gesture was a way of showing these people that someone cared. A reminder that they mattered.

And that is what might suggest that Sweetest Day is one of the best holidays ever, worthy of taking the time to remind someone that they matter, if not to anyone else to you. Over time, the holiday evolved to include people ranging from family members to coworkers and yes, even “sweethearts.” And sure, it is a great reason to shower your spouse with love and chocolate, but it is also an opportunity to team up with your spouse and bring a dose of happy to someone else’s life.

But what about after?

When Sweetest Day comes and goes, know that life will still present you with opportunities to give back. Each day will afford us the chance to make someone’s day better. Perhaps even their life better. A good place to start is with your family your spouse. Take advantage of the endless opportunities to engage in small yet sweet acts, all in the name of love.

In need of some ideas? Here are 5 sweet and simple ways to show your spouse some love — perhaps the best part (besides the smile that will grace your spouse’s face) they don’t necessarily require a last-minute trip to the store:

  • 5 Sweet and Simple Ways to Show You Care 1 of 6

    In celebration of Sweetest Day, here are 5 sweet and simple ways to show your spouse you care!

  • Write them a note. 2 of 6

    Write them a love note, a thank you note, or any kind of note. Put your feelings into words. It really doesn't matter how much you write, all that matters is that you do write.

  • Let them sleep in. 3 of 6

    Does your spouse usually wake up early to get everyone in the house going? Take over the "morning shift" and let them sleep in. (How perfect that Sweetest Day is on a Saturday!)

  • Prepare a meal for them. 4 of 6

    If your spouse is normally the one who does the cooking, consider cooking them their favorite meal.

  • Help them tackle their to do list. 5 of 6

    Do something thoughtful just for the sake of doing it (before they ask). Take the car to get an oil change, hang that picture on the wall or help them check off a few tasks on their to do list.

  • Show some affection. 6 of 6

    Whether it is engaging in a little PDA and holding hands while you're running errands or cuddling while watching a favorite show, touch is a great way to show you care.

And although holidays are always fun (or daunting depending on how you decide to look at it), remember that Sweetest Day isn’t the end all be all in spreading some joy. My thoughts are the acts one engages in to celebrate this holiday aren’t independent to be grandiose; instead it is a reminder that the little things can often make the biggest impact. But perhaps worthy of remembering is the fact that when the day has come and gone, hopefully that in the days that follow you will be presented with the opportunity to make it the sweetest of days.

You can read more about Sweetest Day over at Hallmark. What are your thoughts on Sweetest Day? Do you celebrate it and if so, how?

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