18-Year-Old Seeks Custody of Little Sister After Both Parents Pass Away Within 14 Months

Image Source: Kyle and Madison Nester

Teenagers tend to get a bad rap, but when asked to step up, many turn out to be wholesome, kind-hearted young people who are willing to do the right thing. One such teen is Kyle Nester, senior at Groveport-Madison High School in Groveport, Ohio.

Losing a parent is one of the toughest parts of life, but it is a true tragedy when the children are young. Sadly, Kyle Nester and his younger sister Madison lost not one, but both of their parents in the past 14 months. Their father passed away on Christmas Eve of 2015 at 42 years old. Then, just last week, their mother Tammy died after a brief illness at the age of 46. At just 18 and 15 years old, the Nester siblings are suddenly left without any guardians.

But amazingly, Kyle has decided to change all that — at least, for his sister Madison. The 18-year-old has petitioned for full guardianship of his sister, telling ABC News, “She’s all I have left. So I have to do everything I can for her.”

An honor student and football player, Kyle also plans to continue on his own path for success. He says he will attend Ohio State University while caring for his sister. The siblings’ grandparents, who live two hours away, say they support Kyle’s decision.

Kyle seems to have taken this decision very seriously, telling ABC it’s what his family would have wanted. He speaks lovingly of his mom Tammy, describing her as “a really good mom, always doing her best to make sure we had everything we needed.”

Although it may seem surprising that he returned to school so suddenly after Tammy’s death, that seems to be the type of kid he is–focused and determined. He says he wanted to get back to school so he didn’t fall too far behind.

Groveport-Madison High School football coach Bryan Schoonover speaks very highly of Kyle, echoing the sentiment that this kid is something special. Schoonover tells Babble:

“Kyle scored over a 30 on his ACT and is an extremely bright student. Neither of the parent’s deaths were expected, so it comes as a big shock to the family. The thing I keep telling people about Kyle is how strong this young man is. There are very few people who would not only be able to deal with the loss of both parents, and at the same time focus on keeping his family together. People have asked if I was shocked he was trying to gain custody of his sister and my answer since I first found this out was no. This is something he wants to do and never thought twice about.”

Family friend Tracy Bayly tells Babble that Kyle is “mature beyond his years.” She’s also very appreciative of the community’s financial support, adding, “The outpouring of support from the Groveport community has been amazing and they have helped ease the pain of immediate expenses that the family doesn’t have to worry about right away.”

No one can truly prepare for such responsibilities at 18 years old, but if anyone can handle it, it sounds like Kyle Nester sure can. We wish both Kyle and Madison all the success in the world. You’re lucky to have each other.

If you would like to donate to Kyle and Madison Nester’s GoFundMe pages, which are raising money to help them with funeral and living expenses, as well as funding their education, you can do so here

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