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Thank You, Husband

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My Dearest Husband,

I don’t think I say this enough, but thank you.

Thank you for coming home each day from a long day of work at the office and letting me rant on and on about how stressful my day was. You didn’t need to know how our oldest wouldn’t get ready in the morning because her favorite dress was dirty or that I spent an hour looking for our youngest daughter’s prized “lamby” because she wouldn’t go to sleep without it. You didn’t need to know how dinner was a disaster because no one liked what I cooked and all three wanted something different. You didn’t need to know how stressed out I am working full-time from home yet still taking care of all three kids.

And yet, you listen to me night after night. You let me get it all out.

You wake up well before the craziness begins and get home after it ends. I often fail to ask if your day was as hectic as mine was because I am so absorbed in the chaos that is my day. But recently, you walked in my shoes for a couple of days with all three kids while I traveled by myself. I expected those phone calls at the end of the day telling me how stressed you were. But you didn’t call.

Our children are lucky to have a dad like you. And I’m lucky to have you, too.
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You didn’t call me to tell me that our toddler threw all of his spaghetti on the floor or that you had to take a conference call while our daughter was having a tantrum in the background. You didn’t interrupt my weekend away to tell me about all of the chaos that was going on.

Thank you for that.

I returned late Sunday night and saw our children sleeping soundly in their beds. You, too, were asleep — ready to take on that early morning at work. The next day, I awoke to our girls jumping on the bed. They told me all about your great weekend and how appreciative they were. How you went out to dinner, went to the playground, went for ice cream. You even let them stay up late to watch the football game.

You handled the weekend with such ease and no complaints. Thank you for letting me take these few days to unwind and take a step back to see how the monotony of going through our hectic schedule day after day wears on me. I don’t see it when I am in the eye of the storm, but you’ve let me recharge my batteries and return with a smile.

Our children are lucky to have a dad like you. And I’m lucky to have you, too.

I love you,

Your Wife

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